How to Hide Banding

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If you see banding in continuous solid colors, ask the designer  if “mixing up” that continuous solid is possible. Adding random patterns to large solid colors makes cross process print head density shifts less visible when multiple heads across the web are used to produce the solids.

Understand Drying Differences

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The wrong drying configuration on an #inkjet press can torture the paper without properly drying the ink. Learn about the best drying options to match your type of work, ink type and coverage.

Compare Costs of Complete Solutions

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Compare Costs of Complete Solutions. Don’t conduct TCO or eliminate press options until you have configured a complete solution. An “expensive” press may look reasonable once you configure the “bargain” press with drying, priming, turn-bar, premium ink, software and finishing. Compare fair!

Understand Press Settings & Profiles

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A different profile is needed for each paper AND the press settings it will be run under. Speed, TAC and resolution factors can all affect color chroma, density, graininess, small text clarity and line raggedness. Differences at top speed can be dramatic on some presses.

Understand Job Productivity

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Not all presses will produce their top quality at top speed. Understand the impact of sheet size or web width, media type, ink coverage and actual production speed (not rated speed) on your achievable Images Per Minute (IPM). There are many other issues that impact overall productivity – but it starts at the press for each job.

Make Your Contract Match Your Business Case

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If your business case assumes that the OEM is responsible for all costs of transfer, installation and testing – make sure that’s in the contract. Account for cost to move other equipment, if applicable and factor in labor and cost of down-time on other devices during transition. Consider a clause to cover costs of delays. Hope for the best and cover yourself for the worst.

Don’t Confuse DPI and Apparent Resolution

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Simple rule of thumb is that dots-per-inch matters for text while“apparent” resolution is important for continuous tone images – but will not give the same relative improvement to text. Both are important when evaluating inkjet presses and neither can be evaluated without viewing print samples.