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In-Plants: Educate your Customers

By Lois Ritarossi / Published:

Do your customers know everything you can do for them? Education drives ideas and new applications. In-plants that are growing take the time to educate their customers about all their capabilities by hosting events and taking on marketing to educate and demonstrate the benefits of print to solve business and communication needs.

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Six Sensible Steps Towards Doing More with Inkjet – Webinar

By Inkjet Insight / Published:

Whether you are currently using production inkjet or considering investing in your first press, you will want to understand how inkjet can help you enter new markets, or do more for the customers you have now. Not every market will be a fit but we will help you understand how to evaluate options at our free webinar on July 17.

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The Evolution of Inkjet Technology and Terminology

By Robert Clark / Published:

Robert Clark, manager of digital operations for IWCO Direct provides an overview of one of the inkjet educational tools he uses extensively – and why it matters. He’s referring to the Glossary of the 2nd edition of the Designer’s Guide to Inkjet. Wow – we have a fan. Thanks Robert.

Inkjet Designers: Think Before you Click

By Mary Schilling / Published:

There’s more at stake than pretty print – files that are inefficient, or just plain bad cost a lot of people time and money. Designing for inkjet comes with great responsibility – are you ready? Or should we find you a radioactive spider?

Inkjet Success and the Great Eight

By Mary Schilling / Published:

To successfully integrate inkjet into your print workflow, focus on 8 key elements to create a clearer path to success. Whether you are in high speed, industrial or packaging, the Great Eight will empower a process, reduce production preparation and down time and pave the way to on-board projects with more profitability.

The Strategic Press Decision

By Andy Gordon / Published:

This article discusses the role of strategic planning in making equipment acquisition decisions and highlights the use of the Ansoff product-market matrix as a tool to help with brainstorming and planning.

Albert Munsell his Color Space Accomplishments

By John Seymour / Published:

John Seymour shares a humorous post on the accomplishments of Albert Munsell and his contributions to the field of color management. Provides an overview of the leading sources of color management theory and an approachable way to understand three-dimensional color space.

Mike Dietz on Communicating with Designers

By Mike Dietz / Published:

Mike Dietz, Executive Creative Director with IWCO Direct discusses best practices in designing for digital and approaches to customer education on the wonders of production inkjet.

Growing Inkjet Pages with Designers

By Elizabeth Gooding / Published:

The growth markets for production inkjet lie in the segments where creatives hold sway. If you want to grow pages in these markets, you will need to get designers on your side.

Tools: Customer Education Checklist for Inkjet

By Elizabeth Gooding / Published:

Creating a solid customer education plan has many potential benefits for your company. Often, the process of documenting standards and creating guidelines for customers also uncovers opportunities for improvement and makes your sales team more productive.

Inkjet Growth Should be Faster

By Elizabeth Gooding / Published:

Despite what can be seen as very healthy growth rates, the production inkjet market could be growing considerably faster. Let’s look at the barriers to inkjet growth and how we as an industry can work together to tear them down.

Components of Inkjet Print Quality

By Mary Schilling / Published:

What determines production inkjet print quality? This is a complex question which can’t be answered by simply looking at the published spec sheet for a device. Many OEM’s tout higher …

Inkjet Insight Tint Book – Free Tool

By Elizabeth Gooding / Published:

Pretty much everyone is familiar with the Pantone swatch / tint book which shows the CMYK, RGB and HTML values used to reproduce each swatch color, or tint, as accurately as possible in standard print and onscreen applications. The problem is that production inkjet is not really a “standard” print application.

Proper Packaging of Design Files

By Mary Schilling / Published:

Design files can be pretty complex. A typical file could contain hundreds or thousands of detailed elements such as font families, lines, vignettes plus drawn and linked elements such as logos and photos. These may be created in multiple formats housing extremely detailed dither and color data. Designers sometimes go to painstaking detail to create a particular effect.