Featured image for “Voice of the Customer: Sattler Premium Print’s Christian Haneke on Portfolio Expansion”
May 10, 2023

Voice of the Customer: Sattler Premium Print’s Christian Haneke on Portfolio Expansion

In this video sponsored by Ricoh, Lois Ritarossi talks with Sattler Premium Print’s Christian Haneke, about the company’s expansion to provide a broad portfolio of applications and services including leaflets, catalogs and magazines, direct mail, and logistics.
Featured image for “The Changing Face of Pantone Colors and Branding”
March 21, 2023

The Changing Face of Pantone Colors and Branding

Adobe’s changes to Pantone color library management has caused confusion and paved the way for new tools and new ways to define brand colors and systems. Learn how IWCO has responded.
Featured image for “The advent of a new year”
December 29, 2022

The advent of a new year

The team at Druckerei Kyburz AG has shared a video of their Advent calendar running through autowinder, press and finishing to deliver 100% Digital, 100% Inline support for customer innovation.
Featured image for “July Installation Roundup (and bonus video)”
August 10, 2022

July Installation Roundup (and bonus video)

In July there was a mix of formats, but sheet-fed presses were in the majority with eight overall comprised of four B3, three B2 and one great big B1.
Featured image for “Pantone – Friend or Foe of Printers?”
July 21, 2022

Pantone – Friend or Foe of Printers?

A look at how Pantone interconnects designers and printers, for good and bad, and why color education is more important than ever.
Featured image for “Setting Up Papers in a Challenging Paper Market”
May 18, 2022

Setting Up Papers in a Challenging Paper Market

Getting the paper you need when you need it has become a daily challenge for all printers, and IWCO Direct is no exception.
Featured image for “Why Inkjet Fits Direct Mail Like a Glove”
January 4, 2022

Why Inkjet Fits Direct Mail Like a Glove

With new inks and technologies around the corner all the time, inkjet will continue to fit direct mail like a glove for years to come.
Featured image for “Printing On Glass: The View of the Future Is Bright with Inkjet Technologies”
November 17, 2021

Printing On Glass: The View of the Future Is Bright with Inkjet Technologies

Over the years, many different methods have been used to decorate glass including painting, silk screen, sandblasting, etching, and decals and cling films—and of late inkjet technology has been increasingly used. David Zwang surveys the current state of direct-to-glass printing.
Featured image for “The Value of Diversity in Inkjet Printers”
October 6, 2021

The Value of Diversity in Inkjet Printers

IWCO Direct on the value of having more than one type of inkjet press.
Featured image for “September Inkjet Installation Roundup”
October 1, 2021

September Inkjet Installation Roundup

Giddyup partner, it’s another month of inkjet installations. This month, we cover 11 global installations.
Featured image for “Wide Open Color”
August 25, 2021

Wide Open Color

Mike Todryk speaks to those who say “We don’t need no stinkin’ color standards. We want wide open color!”
Featured image for “Workflow Overcoming In-Plant Challenges – Video”
June 4, 2021

Workflow Overcoming In-Plant Challenges – Video

Mike Lincoln of the State of Colorado details the challenges he has faced and overcome in the past year using workflow software updates.
Featured image for “Transformations Series: Specialty Print Communications”
April 22, 2021

Transformations Series: Specialty Print Communications

SPC uses inkjet personalization across platforms on almost every piece of the billion+ direct mail pieces produced every year. Adam LeFebvre, President of Specialty Print Communications discusses the company’s not-so- traditional transition to inkjet.
Featured image for “Trend Knows Their Destination”
June 16, 2020

Trend Knows Their Destination

We love printing companies who eat their own cooking. Learn how Trend Offset Printing put their inkjet environment to use on their own marketing leveraging data, creative design and extensive personalization. #inkjetinnovation
Featured image for “Can G7 Work with Inkjet? User Perspectives”
February 26, 2020

Can G7 Work with Inkjet? User Perspectives

Mike Todryk of IWCO Direct uses G7 color management across a range of production processes, including inkjet. In this post he lays to rest some misconceptions about G7 and its uses and shares insight on how the process can add value.
Featured image for “Plumb Marketing on Data, Diversification and Inkjet – Video”
November 26, 2019

Plumb Marketing on Data, Diversification and Inkjet – Video

Plumb Marketing charts a course for continued growth through investment in multiple types of inkjet technology and diversification of their services and applications.
Featured image for “Importance of Clear Communication with Print Providers”
November 20, 2019

Importance of Clear Communication with Print Providers

Mike Todryk, Color Technical Specialist for IWCO Direct shares three of the biggest client communication gaps impacting Production Service Provider’s ability to reproduce brand colors correctly. Educate your customers, educate yourself and get colors right the first time.
Featured image for “IWCO Direct’s Seamless Inkjet and Offset Environment – Video”
October 15, 2019

IWCO Direct’s Seamless Inkjet and Offset Environment – Video

Kurt Ruppel of IWCO Direct talks about their mixed-process environment and why is pays to think of an inkjet device as a press.
Featured image for “Lessons Learned About Color Gamut”
September 3, 2019

Lessons Learned About Color Gamut

The sheer number of factors that affect the color gamut in production inkjet can be overwhelming. Whether you are a Print Services Provider or a buyer of inkjet-printed products, these color gamut factors matter. IWCO Direct spends a lot of time answering these questions internally and for customers. Here are some of the things they’ve learned thus far.
Featured image for “Group Joos Inkjet Applications – Video”
July 2, 2019

Group Joos Inkjet Applications – Video

Alex Joos of Group Joos, located in Belgium, joins us for a deeper dive into their use of inkjet across multiple operations. Group Joos provides transaction printing and direct mail services to a very diverse market using inkjet across all areas.

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