Paper is Everyone’s Problem

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Most inkjet applications require paper. For many reasons, compatible inkjet paper is in short supply. If you are involved in the inkjet print supply chain, or a buyer of the finished product, it is in your best interest to help clear hurdles to identify and qualify compatible papers and to communicate availability as efficiently as possible. Inkjet Insight is trying to help by digging into real and perceived challenges in the paper qualification process and communicating that to OEMs and mills to create a more data-driven approach to print quality analysis.

  • If you are currently using one or more inkjet presses in your organization. Please take this short CUSTOMER survey to tell us about your paper qualification experiences.
  • If you work at a paper mill or paper merchant providing inkjet compatible papers to production inkjet customers (including offset grade papers tested on inkjet devices), please take this short MILL survey to tell us about your experiences getting papers qualified on various inkjet devices.
  • The survey should take less than 10 minutes – possibly less than 5.

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