10 Minute Tip – Get Organized!

By Elizabeth Gooding / Published:

Our newest “10 minute tip” is from Mike Todryk of IWCO Direct – and it doesn’t require you to buy any software or hardware to benefit. It’s about getting organized. Our goal with these tips is to find actionable information on saving money in your production process.

“When I think of time savings, my mind immediately goes to staging,” says Mike. “There are lots of ways that staging can shave minutes off of any process. From prepping and having the next roll of paper ready to put on the machine once it stops to making sure all of the tools you need are in their designated spot where you need them, staging with an eye to LEAN will always save you time.”

It sounds simple, but this kind of organization and planning can make a big different to your bottom line. Our downtime calculator puts hard numbers around the benefits of cutting out sources of idle press time measured in minutes per shift and dollars per year. Check out previous tips from Jeff Matos of Broadridge and Lois Ritarossi of High Rock Strategies)

Remember 10 minutes could save you 100k or more. Try the calculator and check back for more tips.
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