Featured image for “To Allow or Not Allow: 3rd Party Inks. An OEM Perspective.”
February 28, 2024

To Allow or Not Allow: 3rd Party Inks. An OEM Perspective.

Buyers want lower ink costs but what must an OEM must consider before letting 3rd party inks on their press?
Featured image for “Winter Roundup – November-December 2023 Inkjet Installations”
January 18, 2024

Winter Roundup – November-December 2023 Inkjet Installations

This report includes a few presses installed earlier this year, but not publicly announced until recently and at least one that may have been installed late in 2022
Featured image for “Inkjet Integrators – an introduction”
January 16, 2024

Inkjet Integrators – an introduction

A new series on inkjet integration and the key players in the market.
Featured image for “3 Critical Components of Inkjet Innovation”
November 30, 2023

3 Critical Components of Inkjet Innovation

This article highlights 3 components that must be considered for any company wanting to realize revenue from innovation in the inkjet space. The learnings apply regardless of value chain position, end market or application area.
Featured image for “Workflow Mining: Finding Overt & Covert Processes”
November 30, 2023

Workflow Mining: Finding Overt & Covert Processes

Some workflow processes are obvious. Others are like a shadow government hiding below the surface adding risk and inefficiency.
Featured image for “Ricoh ups the roll-fed inkjet game with the Pro VC80000”
November 28, 2023

Ricoh ups the roll-fed inkjet game with the Pro VC80000

The new Pro VC 8000 delivers higher quality and productivity than previous Ricoh presses.
Featured image for “Walk the Line 2 – Workflow is a Verb”
November 16, 2023

Walk the Line 2 – Workflow is a Verb

There is a lot behind the question “Do you know your print shop.” Every owner and production manager knows how the place functions, don’t they?
Featured image for “Kyocera’s Expanding Footprint”
November 15, 2023

Kyocera’s Expanding Footprint

Kyocera is moving into the production print industry with 30 years of expertise in developing ink and material jetting solutions.
Featured image for “Autumn Roundup – September-October 2023 Inkjet Installations”
November 9, 2023

Autumn Roundup – September-October 2023 Inkjet Installations

Our latest report shows 46 presses from 18 different OEMs installed at 39 companies.
Featured image for “Because Workflow is Mine, I Walk the Line!”
October 24, 2023

Because Workflow is Mine, I Walk the Line!

We all have superpowers. Print shops that adopt automation often discover that they have joined the superhero pantheon as they reduce time spent or repetitive activities, discover inefficiencies, and lubricate the friction that can grow in busy shops. Walk the line – the pre-production, production, and post-production lines – with us!
Featured image for “Screen announces cooperation with KYOCERA on new press”
October 6, 2023

Screen announces cooperation with KYOCERA on new press

The prototype Screen Truepress JET S320 prototype will make its debut at PRINTING United Expo
Featured image for “Kyocera announces Commercial High-Speed Inkjet Printer ”
October 5, 2023

Kyocera announces Commercial High-Speed Inkjet Printer 

Kyocera announces the TASKalfa Pro 55000c commercial inkjet production printer that supports a wide range of media including offset coated paper.
Featured image for “Italian printer PrintSprint rises to technological and economic challenges”
October 5, 2023

Italian printer PrintSprint rises to technological and economic challenges

A small, yet diversified printing company makes strategic investments that drive growth and insulation from risk.

Featured image for “The Realities of Generative AI in the Printing Industry Today”
September 13, 2023

The Realities of Generative AI in the Printing Industry Today

A free, practical guide to the most realistic applications of generative artificial intelligence tools for printing organizations.
Featured image for “Three Factors driving in-plant inkjet investments”
September 7, 2023

Three Factors driving in-plant inkjet investments

In-plant print operations are making inkjet investments to address 3 challenges. Inkjet adoption is being driven by the convergence of difficulty with labor and training, the desire for workflow automation and reducing total cost of operation compared to offset and toner.
Featured image for “2023 Mid-Year Inkjet Installation Roundup”
August 17, 2023

2023 Mid-Year Inkjet Installation Roundup

Between January and June 2023, we verified 58 press installations at 55 companies. While the trend we had been seeing for press formats was sheet-fed edging out roll-fed, over the first 6 months of 2023 we found a few more roll-fed than sheet-fed presses to report.
Featured image for “Unpacking Inkjet Sustainability”
August 15, 2023

Unpacking Inkjet Sustainability

A technical assessment of the meaning of sustainability in terms of inkjet formulation choices within the context of different inkjet market uses
Featured image for “It’s Fun to Play with the T-C-O-P!”
July 26, 2023

It’s Fun to Play with the T-C-O-P!

Printers! There’s a thing you should know! I said, Printers! To keep track of your dough! You can make more, and I’m sure you will do
 what you need to increase revenue! (sung to YMCA!)
Featured image for “Nahan’s Decade of Inkjet-Driven Evolution”
June 8, 2023

Nahan’s Decade of Inkjet-Driven Evolution

Minnesota-based Nahan shares their 10 year journey from traditional catalog and direct mail printer to digital inkjet marketing powerhouse.
Featured image for “Let Data Drive your Print Quality Comparisons”
June 6, 2023

Let Data Drive your Print Quality Comparisons

Mary Schilling discusses objective inkjet print quality comparisons and the benefits of a data-driven approach. Objective print quality analysis provides clear comparative data and removes all personal bias and visual subjective deficiencies when reviewing prints off competing inkjet devices. Inkjet beauty is more than skin deep!

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