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To G7 or Not to G7

Pat McGrew asks Whether ‘tis noble in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of qualitative color perception, or, to take arms against the sea of G7 Masters Read More

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Kornit and Amazon: Shaping the Future of the Textile Industry

Kornit Digital, a leading provider of inkjet presses for the textiles and apparel industry, recently expanded its relationship with Amazon, which agreed to purchase $400 million of Kornit's printers and supplies over five years. Buyers of digital textile printers should monitor Kornit's growth and Amazon's expanding in-house printing initiative that, combined, could shape the industry's future. Read More

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Troubleshooting Hidden Inkjet Color Issues

With inkjet color management, we can see and troubleshoot the obvious things, but sometimes get stumped by inkjet issues hiding just below the surface. This post takes a look at three inkjet color issues that could be hiding in plain sight. Read More

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Welcome to the Greatest Virtual Show on Earth!

Virtual conferences should be curated with dedication to building the best mix of information for the target audience. Virtual event offerings continue to multiply so organizers should be mindful of how much time they ask for and what is being delivered in return. Read More

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Domino N730i Digital Label Press Overview

Domino Printing Sciences delivered a very well-orchestrated virtual launch event for their new, generation 7 digital label press. Read the over view of the N730i press representing the first major inkjet endeavor bringing together the technology assets of Domino and parent Brother Industries since their acquisition in 2015. Read More

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Inkjet Labels Come of Age

Building on our previous ink-focused posts, Mark Bale of DoDxAct, who gave his first technical talk on label printing in 2007, looks back at the inkjet journey and what it means for the future of labels & packaging. Read More

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FuturePrint October Edition: 5 Days of Education

Building on the success for the first FuturePrint Virtual Summit, October brings five more days of topic-specific education that every printer will want to review. Just about every topic in print gets a look during the week, with deep dives into the traditional printing arts and the emerging printing sciences. Read More

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Thomas Printworks: from Business Cards to Buildings 🔒

Thomas Printworks is a different kind of printing company that takes an unusual perspective on print markets. While many companies categorize themselves as a particular type of printer, direct mail, commercial books, etc., Thomas Printworks looks at the customers they want to capture and how to do the most for those customers. In terms of printing applications and technology, they simply look at large format and “small format.” This article discusses the digital print portfolio the company uses to deliver solutions of all sizes to a wide range of customers and what they have learned from investing in inkjet. Read More

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COVID and the Message that Cried Wolf

With full color production inkjet, advanced composition, and customer facing message management tools readily available, sophisticated variable messaging is not a technical challenge. The problem is that companies have been teaching their customers to ignore the message areas for years, and now they need them to pay attention. Read More

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Koenig Bauer Durst Joint Venture

Stemming from two well-known parent companies, the Koenig & Bauer Durst joint venture might be less well known. The company bundles the digital packaging print activities and has launched several interesting inkjet products for packaging print. This article gives some background on the joint venture and an overview on the activities. Read More

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How to Stay Informed in a Remote World

Fall is around the corner and the question is how to make the right decisions for new equipment and technology without live events. Should organizations continue to postpone capital investment decisions? As we move into the last quarter of 2020 it is time to make many decisions. Read More

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Obsession With Inkjet

Back in 2017, Indie band OK Go, achieved a task like no other. Elaborately choreographing a 4-minute music video using 567 perfectly timed Canon inkjet desktop printers, creating a waterfall ... Read More

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Press Checks and the Current Pandemic

We are living in unprecedented times. The silver lining is that times like this often force us to implement changes that we really should have made long ago. Let’s use this time to tighten up our own ship and “Be Prepared.” Read More

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Cool Tools: Bringing You the World of Color 🔒

Have you ever wanted to hold a color globe just to systematically navigate between colors and explore how they blend into each other? Have you ever wanted to physically display the color wheels' gradual relational value from any given color to the next? Inkjet Insight has been on a mission to find Cool Tools which make our lives easier. For printers to prepress and designers, there are tools and innovations which help with the processes or create a better understanding of our creative, colorful world. Read More

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Catalog Marketing in a New Retail Reality

Across the spectrum of B2C and B2B, when consumers couldn’t find their preferred product at their preferred retailer, they changed their shopping behavior: many consumers have tried a different brand or shopped at a different retailer in the past few months by necessity. Here's the scary part for a lot of retailers - they may never switch back. Mailing less catalogs puts brands at risk - but continuing to mail catalogs without knowing the right products and messaging are getting to the right people is also risky. Here how Land's End is striking the right balance for their brand. Read More

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Cutsheet Inkjet in Europe 🔒

In previous editions of this series I wrote about the main applications production inkjet is being used for, focusing mostly on roll-fed inkjet – the dominant production method so far. This is different for cutsheet inkjet, which is far more versatile and is used across a number of applications. Read More

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Cool Tools: Selecting Color Schemes for Print 🔒

Whether you are working on direct mail or transaction printing, designing for ease of navigation and to deliver a clear message is just as important as the color scheme or graphics used. Each color carries a message or an emotion and will provoke a response. Choosing the colors to support the intended tone of the mailing is important – particularly when there is a call to action that needs emphasis. Read More

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Mouvent Scaling up in Inkjet 🔒

For a young company, Mouvent has a remarkably strong heritage in digital printing. With the great flexibility and scalability of the Mouvent clusters it is no surprise that Mouvent is aiming for a much wider range of products such as folding carton, flexible packaging and corrugated. Read More

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Rethinking Catalogs

Join Daniel Hetzer, of Lands' End and Elizabeth Gooding of Inkjet Insight for a discussion of how catalog creative and production processes are adapting to new customer attitudes, technical capabilities and economic realities. This session looks at the impact of COVID-19 as well as trends toward customization and personalization that predate the pandemic and will consider new strategies for when to print, what to print and how to print. Read More

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Educating About Color Quality Across Your Organization

Where is the greatest need for color education? With the advent of easily accessible desktop publishing tools like InDesign and Photoshop, large numbers of people are creating print pieces without a lot (or even any) of the formal training and understanding of color that was required of print professionals in the past. Read More

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Domino Entering Corrugated Postprint with the X630i

In June Domino introduced the X630i, its first digital inkjet product offering for corrugated. Domino joins an increasingly crowded field of post-print cut-sheet inkjet presses for corrugated. Get an overview of this new offer and an overview of the current corrugated field. Read More

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Software Essentials for Inkjet Printing!

Consider that that every business has at least two workflow environments: a business workflow and a production workflow. In both types, there can be a distinct advantage to automation, especially in fast-paced inkjet printing environments. But, automation can mean many different things, so here is a quick guide to looking at automation for your environment. Read More

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ColorGATE Announces New Solutions & Services

ColorGATE, a leading vendor of powerful software and hardware solutions for color critical digital printing applications, has announced the release of three new solutions and services: Productionserver 20, ColorGATE Custom Create, and Color Management Services. Read More

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Mills and Converters Deliver Inkjet Innovations

As the grand finale to an exciting Inkjet Innovation Week, I had the pleasure of hosting Bill Rojack, vice president of Midland Paper, to discuss  "Innovation Foundations: Inkjet Paper and Specialty Media.” An analysis of the trends in the inkjet industry would not be complete without exploring advances in media that can save printers money or open new markets. Read More

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Pat and Elizabeth on Essential Software

Pat and Elizabeth discuss all the places where software is essential in an inkjet environment, emphasizing that software is what turns you from just someone who owns a press into an inkjet innovator. However, in order to grow your business by enhancing your workflow, you first need to get the right software for your particular needs. Read More

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Printing United 2020 Cancelled

PRINTING United, originally scheduled to take place at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta on October 21-23, 2020, will now move to a powerful online experience this fall due to constraints surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. T Read More

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Packaging Innovation – Inside Out with Inkjet

Last week, David Zwang, Editor of WhatTheyThink and Mary Schilling, Partner at Inkjet Insight provided an overview of new and exciting developments coming to market that address packaging during Inkjet Insight’s Inkjet Innovation week. Here's an overview of top trends and market entrants in all segments of inkjet for packaging. Read More

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What’s Happening in Sheet-Fed Inkjet?

Get a high-level synopsis of the webinar "Opening New Markets with Sheet-Fed Inkjet Innovations,” covering the varied approaches to the market based on sheet size, print application segment and buyer profile. If your interest is piqued, you can listen to the full webinar and download the presentation for more details. Read More

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What’s Driving Innovation in Web-Fed Inkjet Systems?

A full recap of Inkjet Insight's webinar presentation of "What’s Driving Innovation in Web-Fed Inkjet Systems?" OEMs are continually finding creative solutions to make the process easier and faster, while giving customers the ability to expand their portfolios and increase profits, learn more about these innovations. Read More

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What’s in YOUR Dashboard?

Dashboards can be an amazing productivity aid, or they can be a distraction. Consider your team, your working environment, and what information will help the team be as efficient as possible. Read More

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Trend Knows Their Destination 🔒

We love printing companies who eat their own cooking. Learn how Trend Offset Printing put their inkjet environment to use on their own marketing leveraging data, creative design and extensive personalization. #inkjetinnovation Read More

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New KODAK PROSPER ULTRA 520 Inkjet Press

The new press is the first Kodak-manufactured press using Kodak’s revolutionary ULTRASTREAM writing system, which employs high-precision placement of smaller, perfectly round, satellite-free drops to produce the highest inkjet image quality available in the marketplace today, according to Kodak announcement. Read More

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Driving Innovation in Web-fed Inkjet Systems

Inkjet is a key technology transforming the ways we print, automate and personalize printed products to deliver a richer customer experience, but technical and cost barriers have prevented inkjet from taking hold in many potential markets. Driving innovation, and eliminating barriers, requires a host of technical improvements that must all work together while maintaining compatibility with software systems and finishing. Read More

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Status of Inkjet in Online print

One of the fastest growing markets in commercial print is online printing. It rather describes a process than a type of printing company or print application, but yet we tend to know what is meant with the term: a printing company that conducts the majority of their transactions via a web interface. Read More

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What is a Dashboard and Do You Need One?

Dashboards are helpful for everyone in an organization from team members on the shop floor to the C-suite. Pat McGrew sets the stage for what questions you should ask yourself when considering a dashboard for your inkjet organization. Read More

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Print Marketing in COVID Times 🔒

More than ever, inkjet provides a creative avenue for businesses to produce marketing in a cost effective way while adding value add and personalisation for various print products they would not have considered before. Read More

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Maintain Now or Pay Later

Inkjet presses from many equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have delivered on the promise of lower cost, higher throughput, and better uptime. Many in-plant print operations attribute part of their success to their inkjet adoption strategy. Performing regular preventative maintenance is the  key to drive uptime and excellent image quality. Read More

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Inkjet Insight to Present Inkjet Innovation Week

As the world slowly emerges from quarantine and travel remains restricted, virtual events play a vital role in educating potential buyers and helping industry suppliers to showcase new offers and demonstrate industry leadership. With Inkjet Innovation Week, June 15-19, Inkjet Insight brings together internationally recognized analysts and experts with hands-on experience with inkjet print quality analysis, workflow design, and product design to highlight innovations that drive business. Read More

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Combining at the Fold – Komori Acquiring MBO

With MBO Komori is acquiring a solid post-press equipment manufacturer, having achieved sales of €51.7 million in 2018. This is helping to diversify the Komori product portfolio. MBO serves a fairly stable market as folding is an essential part of many print production processes regardless of using analogue or digital print. MBO can also be a door opener into printing companies Komori had no good access to before. Read More

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Shift Happens: Welcome to Print Conditions

Characterized Reference Printing Condition Profiles, or CRPC, are a 1-7 series of color ICC profiles based on paper type that defines the conversion between Adobe device CMYK values and the inkjet output device. These profiles are not newly released, so I am often surprised to find that people have not applied them to their workflows. Read More

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The New Normal and Inkjet Printing

Every business innovates, solves problems and employs people. We are resilient and COVID-19 will not change that fact. Nevertheless, recovery from the pandemic will be highly irregular and uneven, requiring frequent pivots as the fluid print marketplace evolves to a new normal. Read More

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Spreading Smiles Not Cooties

I now understand, why my dog is so excited to go outside or for car rides. Lately, I feel the same way. But wearing my custom mask helps me know I am protecting myself and others while bringing smiles in these changing times. Read More

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Global Graphics Direct™Powers Faster, Wider, High Resolution Digital Presses

Direct™ unlocks the potential of digital presses by driving print jobs directly to the printhead electronics giving unprecedented speed and image quality. Released today, it is the first fully integrated product line from Global Graphics designed to be part of a fully automated print solution, supporting Industry 4.0 telematics and integration with digital press controllers and MIS systems. Read More

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Working with Virtual Support When Everything is on Lockdown

When that reliable, friendly face is no longer sitting in their office on your site, can’t travel, or is less available on the phone, what options do you have for getting the support you need? Ask your vendors about virtual support! It takes many forms. You may already be using some form of it, but make sure you are taking advantage of every option.  Read More

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Communicating Vital Information

Whether it is a website, email or direct mail campaign, catalog or postcard, always design with a purpose. Every word, color, font and material should have a purpose and intent.  They need to communicate your message. This is what separates good design from bad. Read More

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Label Production Delays—Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

There is no time for delays in the ever-evolving COVID-19 world, especially when it comes to printing labels with important health and safety information. Digital and inkjet processes have provided a process which high speed and on demand labels can be produced without any delays in film or platemaking. Read More

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Relieving Pressure on Transaction Printers – Video

Mike Herold, Director Global Marketing, Production Inkjet Technologies at RICOH talks about the cost benefits that inkjet brought to the transaction printing industry over the past decade and the increasing pressure that transaction printers face as inkjet has evolved into new markets. Read More

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Inkjet Tip: Head Capping is Worth More than a Spit

If you intend to do a significant amount of mono printing on your inkjet device, check to see if the device caps the C,M,Y print heads when not in use. If head capping is not available, compare devices for the amount of ink wastage from CMYK spitting. Run test jobs and also check how this information is reported on estimating systems since they will be different. Read More

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Canon Doubles Down on Commercial Print with VarioPRINT iX 🔒

With the introduction of two new VarioPPRINT iX models, Canon is focused squarely on the needs of general commercial printers for high image quality on a wide media range and flexibility to run mixed media jobs at full speed. Canon will continue to market and support the current VarioPrint+ iSeries in the appropriate markets along with the new VarioPRINT iX Series. The new devices will be ready to ship in July 2020. See overview and supporting white paper. Read More

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Connecting in Quarantine – Pat McGrew

We continue our profiles in quarantine series with intrepid traveler, Pat McGrew. It seems to me that Pat is almost always on the road, but she too is doing her part by staying home and staying safe. Pat is sharing her home time with the fuzzy beneficiaries of Pat being grounded - her dogs. She has some thoughts about taking care of yourself and taking care of your business. Read More

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Change in the High Volume Inkjet Printing Industry

Pete Basiliere spoke with two users of high volume inkjet presses about the issues they encountered when migrating from analog or other digital technologies to inkjet. Edmundo Ortiz and Brian Dicker offered very different answers to the same question: What advice do you have for someone considering inkjet printing? Read More

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Quarantine ala Ritarossi

Next up in our profiles in quarantine is Lois Ritarossi who has been staying safe in Washington D.C. and showing off her cooking skills. She wants to make sure that printers are communicating continuously with their employees and customers. Read More

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Community Building in the COVID Economy

MindFire established the COVID-19 Print Group on LinkedIn to provide a forum for printers to help each other share volumes, information and advice as more states issue Stay at Home policies and organizations are forced to close leaving clients without service. In three days membership has grown from zero to nearly 800 members. Read More

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Learning from Living in Lockdown – Mark Bale

As we continue our series on Profiles in Quarantine, we visit Mark Bale who covers the most super-techy topics on Inkjet Insight that use math above my pay grade. Mark is based in UK which this week announced necessary, but very restrictive, measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. UK is under lockdown with residents instructed to stay indoors except for essential services and subject to fines for violating guidelines. Read More

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Can In-Plants Change Workflow without Change Management? 🔒

Successful inkjet production means transforming the workflow. Defining new workflows that deliver the right information in the preferred format to the right person at the right time - and track it at each step in the production and delivery process using your new equipment requires hard work and leadership. Lois Ritarossi suggests key steps to evaluate and guidance on change management and leadership in workflow redesign. Read More

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A Different Kind of Profile – Amy Hahn

Usually when we talk about profiles here, we're talking about paper and color profiles. Today, we're going for a different kind of colorful by profiling the people behind the scenes here at Inkjet Insight and how we are managing through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since we're all in this together, let's get to know who we're in it with, starting with Amy Hahn our editor and social media coordinator who is based in Minnesota, USA. Read More

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Cool Stuff: Inkjet as Unique as a Unicorn

Unicorn Graphics began in New York as a humble calendar printer in 1985 and has expanded into a multi-million-dollar creative print company offering a wide array of printed products.Looking beyond inkjet technology as a print service, Unicorn Graphics is bringing product, and product customization, to market using material which we don't normally don’t think about printing on. Get ready to see some cool stuff. Read More

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Single Pass Inkjet – More than a One-Hit Wonder

The uses of inkjet have grown steadily over the last two decades, taking in 2D, 2.5D and 3D applications. The improvement in productivity throughout has been made possible by increasing levels of technical wizardry. Nowhere is this demonstrated better than for our well-known production printers, which are very, very clever boxes of tricks Read More

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HP Brilliant Pre-drupa Announcement 🔒

This week HP provided a pre-drupa peek at the HP PageWide Web Press T250 HD and new Brilliant InkTM that will be added to its inkjet portfolio this year. Learn about the new capabilities of the device, available before the end of 2020, and how they compare to other devices already in the market from Canon, Ricoh and Screen. Read More

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RIPs for Industrial Inkjet – Part 2

In the Industrial Inkjet segment, requirements to make ink and print heads compatible with industrial surfaces also leads to special requirements for the related Raster Image Processors or RIPs solutions. Let's drill down on the special requirements for industrial RIPs. Read More

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Action Mailers on Growing with Inkjet

Action Mailers, a major, family-owned, direct mail provider located near Philadelphia has completed the latest upgrade in their multi-phase transition from toner to inkjet. Marc Hoy shares lessons learned and the key benefits they have found from their investment. Read More

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Evaluating Inkjet Prototypes – Past and Present

Pat McGrew provides a few guidelines for how to evaluate the non-products you encounter at drupa, other tradeshows, or at private events. She also suggests that you evaluate the promise of the future in the context of past demonstrations and announcements in our industry. Read More

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Cool Stuff: Inkjet Makes a Grand Entry

Inkjet has entered our homes in many ways. From flooring and wallpaper to tile and upholstery, inkjet print technology has touched just about every point in our personal lives. There seems to be no limit to the ability to personalize the interior of our homes and make them one of a kind. But, why limit the personal touch to the interior? Read More

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More to Ask for in Your Inkjet Digital Front End 🔒

If you run light production equipment, you may not have given much thought to the Digital Front End of your printing device. There is no industry standard for what a DFE should encompass, or even a widely agreed set of guidelines. And, while you may have a choice of features and even vendors for the DFE, there hasn’t been much discussion of what should come next. What should you be asking for and when should you expect it? Read More

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In-Plants: Educate your Customers

Do your customers know everything you can do for them? Education drives ideas and new applications. In-plants that are growing take the time to educate their customers about all their capabilities by hosting events and taking on marketing to educate and demonstrate the benefits of print to solve business and communication needs. Read More

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Midland Paper Launches New “Specialty Media” Catalog for Offset and Digital Sheet Products

Midland Paper, Packaging + Supplies, one of North America's largest independent distributors of media for business communications, recently launched a new and innovative Specialty Media catalog for offset and digital sheet fed printers. The all-inclusive catalog merges media for major sheet fed print technologies into one unique publication. Offset, HP Indigo and Dry Toner substrates are all featured within one book. Read More

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OKI and Mimaki Engineering Conclude Exclusive International Sales Agreement for OKI Data’s Wide Format Inkjet Printers

In January, Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. and OKI Data Corporation, the OKI Group’s printer company, concluded an exclusive international sales agreement for the distribution of OKI Data’s wide format inkjet printers. Under the terms of this agreement, the two companies will expand their sales alliance in Japan, announced in March 2019, to encompass overseas sales. Read More

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Konica Minolta Launches Digital Print Enrichment Press

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta), a leader in world-class printing technology, today announced the official launch of the MGI JETvarnish 3D One, a simple, compact and affordable digital embellishment press that provides sensory print applications for printers of every size. Read More

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The Top 4 Drying Methods for Inkjet

Just as there are many types of inkjet printheads and ink, there are many types of processes for inkjet drying. Most printers combine several processes to create a drying solution. Ralf Schlozer discusses the fundamental factors related to drying in document and packaging printing environments including absorption, phase change, radiation and evaporation. It's dry - but important. Read More

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What to Ask for in your Inkjet Digital Front End

There is no industry standard for what should be included in a digital front end, and there is no universal template that guides how much control the inkjet DFE should expose to an operator to permit changes in how a job will be processed. As we enter the 2020s, this is something that should change. It’s time for the buyers of inkjet presses to identify their expectations, list the features that make a difference to their operation, and categorize the challenges they may have with their current DFE. Read More

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The Intersection of Inkjet and 3D Printing

What comes to mind when you think of inkjet printing? Do you think of substrates (papers, textiles, electronics)? Do you think of two dimensional applications (direct mail, books, ceramics)? Or do you think in three dimensions (displays, jet engines, medical implants)? Why not 3D? Read More

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Kao Innovation Day

Kao Chimigraf hosted the first Kao Innovation Day, in Barcelona, that attracted representatives from 22 companies based in 6 countries. The event showcased the Kao Collins X-BAR, and two multi-printhead systems manufactured by Colordyne Technologies. Inkjet inks from Kao Collins were also shown by Kao Chimigraf, the European partner for both companies. Read More

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Designers and the Direct Mail Supply Chain

Designers drive decision making on print versus e-budgets, print processes, paper choices. For direct mail they impact response rates, production efficiency and overall industry health. Let’s get designers excited about direct mail and amplify those inkjet pages in 2020 and beyond. Read More

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Direct-to-Object and More in 2020

In 2020, Inkjet Insight will be expanding coverage of inkjet’s role in growth markets like packaging and industrial while we continue to keep you informed about application segments where inkjet is fully entrenched. This week we got some great Direct-to-Object stories from Richard Romano. Read More

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New Year, New Opportunities with 3D Scanning

The METIS 3D Scanner creates opportunities for designers and printers think outside the box and expand creative applications for all print markets. Being able to reproduce 3D texture reproductions with existing UV printing equipment or providing scanning services for CGI/PBR (computer-generated imagery/physical based rendering) applications allows designers to not only visualize but customize and develop 3D patterns. Read More

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In-Plants, Inkjet and Paper Costing Philosophy

In-plant operations evaluating papers need to take a broader perspective of what cost means in an inkjet environment. There is a potential domino effect on cost when low grade papers are used in high-end devices that corporate procurement teams need to understand. Read More

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The Kyocera Pro 15000C Has Arrived

Kyocera is targeting the professional print market as strategic goal for company growth. The Pro 15000c is set to be the first of a range of devices, with future devices planned to move up the range towards higher-volume uses. Prospects can see the Pro 15000C in the Kyocera showroom in the Netherlands for now. The first public outing will be at drupa 2020, where Kyocera will present some upgrades to the device as well. Read More

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Understanding Quality Inkjet as the Sum of its Parts – Free Download

Our most recent white paper, sponsored by RICOH, examines the many factors that combine to create a quality inkjet solution for a particular market need. The production workflow and quality sensitivity varies significantly from one application segment to another. While some companies may be replacing one technology platform with another, others are challenged to maintain compatibility between inkjet and toner or offset platforms. Read More

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Five Things to Do (Better) When Evaluating Inkjet

According to research published in the Harvard Business Review, 97% of senior leaders said that “being strategic” was the leadership behavior most important to their organization’s success. However, a lot of executives don't feel that they have time to be strategic. Inkjet purchases are a case excample where strategic intent is often marred by tactical execution. We can do better! Read More

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Mary’s Wish List: Scanner to Replicate 3D Textured Objects

One of the fastest-growing applications in wide-format and industrial printing is textures, and while a lot has been written about how these kinds of materials are printed, typically using UV flatbed wide-format printers, not much has been said about the front end of the required process when developing inkjet imaged home décor such as flooring and window covering. Read More

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Inkjet the USPS and Getting Ready for 2020

Offering new ideas to your organization while leveraging the USPS promotions may set the stage for positive change in 2020. Using inkjet platforms to enable print mail operations to enhance the usefulness of mail and take advantage of the various USPS promotions, while delivering value to consumers and postage savings to their organizations. A win, win, win. Read More

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drupa 2020: What to Look For

drupa 2020 is on the horizon. What should you expect? What should you look for? Pat McGrew has some thoughts on innovation, trade shows and the questions to ask when you get to Dusseldorf. Read More

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Designing for New Digital Possibilities

Elizabeth Gooding will be presenting "Designing for New Digital Possibilities"  as part of the 2-day Brand United, Digital Printing for Professionals. The session will be delivered in Dallas on Wednesday October 23 at 2:30 p.m. as part of the 2019 Printing United event. See the full session description and get a free pass code below. Read More

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Media Considerations for Digital Print

Mary Schilling will be presenting on Media Considerations for Digital Print as part of the 2-day Brand United, Digital Printing for Professionals. The session will be delivered in Dallas on Thursday October 24 at 9:30 a.m. as part of the 2019 Printing United event. See the full session description and receive a free attendee code from Inkjet Insight. Read More

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New Inkjet Applications and Efficiencies for In-Plants

Many in-plants justified investment in inkjet platforms based on three criteria: reduced cost of running inkjet over older print devices, increased speed, throughput, and the elimination of pre-printed shells. However, newer inkjet technologies from several manufacturers have improved image quality and substrate flexibility opening up a range of new opportunities and continuing to drive efficiency improvements. Read More

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What Does It Mean to Invest in the Industry? – Video

We caught up with Eric Hawkinson and Francis McMahon of Canon Solutions America at thINK Ahead 2019 to talk about what it means to invest in the industry. It's a wide-ranging conversation about using customer interaction and feedback to direct CSA's industry leading R&D funding to the initiatives that matter most to customers. Read More

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Test New Inkjet Applications on Yourself

Inkjet Tip of the Week: Want to broaden your business reach with postcards, or posters? Signage or something else your inkjet device can deliver? Create a campaign for yourself that tests the quality limits of your environment and mail it, post it on your walls, give it to your sales reps or talk about it online. In addition to learning about new opportunities with your inkjet solution, you gain a marketing campaign, make your sales team more comfortable and streamline future implementations. So test, test, test and win, win, win! Read More

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Solimar Systems Announces ReadyPDF Module

Solimar Systems announced the addition of a new module,  ReadyPDF™, to their existing robust suite of variable data document processing tools. This tool is very relevant in a production inkjet environment. Print organizations who accept large variable text and image files commonly find that improperly prepared PDF files can process slowly, choke, or error out, slowing overall production because of file element and structure issues within the PDF Read More

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Paper Supply Alert – Domtar to Reduce Papermaking Capacity at Two Mills

Domtar to reduce papermaking capacity at two mills. These measures will reduce the Company’s annual uncoated freesheet paper capacity by approximately 204,000 short tons, and will result in a workforce reduction of approximately 100 employees. Closure of the Ashdown paper machine is effective as of the date of this announcement and the closure of the Port Huron machine will be completed by mid-November. Read More

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Production Inkjet Tradeshow Shopping Guide Part 2 – Big Rigs

For the second in our series on Tradeshow Shopping, we are focusing on the biggest of the big – in terms of productivity. To be considered at “maximum productivity” in production inkjet today, a roll-fed device must deliver at least 2,000 US letter images per minute. While you may not see all of these devices “in person” at the shows, we have included OEMs who are exhibiting and bringing a segment of their inkjet portfolio for your tire-kicking pleasure. Read More

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Production Inkjet Tradeshow Shopping Guide – Part 1

Trade shows can be overwhelming, so we want to help you use your time wisely by providing an overview of trends and options in various aspects of the production inkjet market.In the first installment of the series, we’re talking about the trend toward making inkjet financially accessible to more companies. Read More

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Primary Ink Management = Savings

Many printers practice ink management by limiting combined process inks (CMYK and +) through a color profiling process. TAC adjustment can help control ink costs, drying, curl and paper cockle by limiting the overall volume of ink printed. Let's talk about how to find the the percentage value of a color at which we no longer gain any color value by adding ink. Read More

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Personalization at Scale

Customization and personalization is now happening throughout the supply chain. Data on customer buying preferences – what, where and how they buy – is driving change in inventory management, distribution, product design and marketing. Read More

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Inkjet TechWalks at Print19

InkjetInsight will be the host and tour leader for Expanding Opportunities with Inkjet Print19 TechWalks, Friday, October 4th at 11:30 am on the show floor theater. Enjoy a leisurely stroll ... Read More

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Screen Announces New Label Press

Release Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2019 Press release from the issuing company SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN GA) has finalized development of its new Truepress Jet L350UV SAI inkjet ... Read More

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Marco Boer on thINK Ahead 2019

Marco Boer from I.T. Strategies discusses the highlights from the thINK Ahead 2019. thINK is this user community of Canon Solutions America production inkjet customers, solution partners, and print industry experts. Marco also shares his perspective on user groups and vendor evenets versus general public trade shows and why both are important for the industry. Read More

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Inkjet Paper at your Fingertips

Developed from the “fibers up”, Inkjet Insight Paper Finder is an easy to use web application for searching inkjet paper availability from US and International paper mills. Each paper listed ... Read More

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Lessons Learned About Color Gamut

The sheer number of factors that affect the color gamut in production inkjet can be overwhelming. Whether you are a Print Services Provider or a buyer of inkjet-printed products, these color gamut factors matter. IWCO Direct spends a lot of time answering these questions internally and for customers. Here are some of the things they've learned thus far. Read More

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Production Inkjet – Time to Take Stock 🔒

Production inkjet solutions are proliferating. The quality of many of the solutions has finally reached that of offset, and the productivity has surpassed that of toner. There are also a lot more options and opportunities. Perhaps it is time to step back and take stock of where we are and where things could be going? Read More

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In-Plants’ Challenges: Organizational Visibility

In-plant managers are challenged every day to meet the complex and evolving needs of their organizations. In-plants with stronger alignment with their internal customers have been able to justify new equipment like inkjet and expand their capabilitiesI recently spoke with print mail managers from three different in-plant organizations. My intent was to get their perspective on the challenges in providing relevance to their organizations. Read More

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Understanding Ream Labels

You may already know that the TAPPI roll label is a very important item to review and retain, but did you know that the label on cut sheet reams and cartons holds the same valuable information? Read More

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Throwback Thursday – Hunkeler Innovation Days

Review a series of videos covering the production inkjet exhibitors at Hunkeler Innovation Days 2019. The print samples were stunning and, of course at Hunkeler, the finishing options were amazing. Watch this recap and you'll feel like you were in Lucerne with us. Read More

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Paper is Everyone’s Problem

Most inkjet applications require paper. For many reasons, compatible inkjet paper is in short supply. If you are involved in the inkjet print supply chain, or a buyer of the finished product, it is in your best interest to help clear hurdles to identify and qualify compatible papers and to communicate availability as efficiently as possible. Read More

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Hybrid Inkjet: What Does That Mean?

Elizabeth Gooding chats with Pat McGrew about the many aspects of hybrid inkjet printing and the opportunities it presents to organizations currently using offset. Many commercial firms are already using some form of inkjet - but opportunities for further personalization and embellishment are growing. Read More

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Print Enhancement is Hot!

Can inkjet-printed work be enhanced with foil, varnish and added-on spot colors, especially now that inkjet print quality is capturing more commercial work? The answer is an enthusiastic… perhaps! Learn about the opportunities and costs of print enhancement and inkjet. Read More

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Measuring Paper Against Expectations

Companies evaluating paper for suitability for their inkjet environment have different expectations. What is most important to you and your customers: gamut, show-through, small text clarity, mottle, coalescence, edge clarity, or are they all important? Do you get the data you need to see how a paper performs in these areas on your press? Read More

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Designing Workflow to Do More

While every workflow should be unique to the service provider, thinking of the workflow solution as unique to a particular application segment can limit a company in terms of their workflow design and potential for page growth on their inkjet device(s). Designing reusable components within your workflow, and “stubbing in” steps for other types of work you may do in the future, will make your workflow system more flexible, extensible and auditable. Read More

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Delphax Solutions Inc. and Prime Data Inc.

Delphax Solutions Inc. announces Elan HD Inkjet Platform Upgrade at Prime Data Inc.Prime Data, an early adopter of the Elan platform, is the first company to field upgrade their existing Elan system to DSI’s new “Elan HD” platform. This new platform provides significant quality and production benefits against not only the previous generation of Elan, but also against other digital production devices. Read More

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Advances in Maintenance Protocols

This 5th post in the inkjet maintenance series looks at OEM apps for smartphones and tablets, and the questions to ask about the availability of advanced maintenance capabilities using augmented or virtual reality. Read More

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Inkjet Justification – Cost & Benefits of Manufacturing

With the evolution and variety of inkjet options now available, smaller volume print operations like small and medium size in-plants are now considering inkjet adoption. The justification and cost analysis for inkjet is not as straight forward as the cost of acquiring previous new printers. In evaluating the cost of inkjet adoption there are many considerations beyond the cost of acquiring the printer. While there are varying opinions and models for comparing total cost of ownership (TCO), a detailed cost analysis should compare total cost of finished pieces leaving the facility and the opportunity for impacting the results of printed communications. Read More

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Six Sensible Steps Towards Doing More with Inkjet – Webinar

Whether you are currently using production inkjet or considering investing in your first press, you will want to understand how inkjet can help you enter new markets, or do more for the customers you have now. Not every market will be a fit but we will help you understand how to evaluate options at our free webinar on July 17. Read More

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Xerox Baltoro Makes Brenva Obsolete

Elizabeth Gooding spoke to John Hume, President of Hume Media, about their decision to be the first customer for the Xerox Baltoro HF Inkjet press and their expectation for ramping up production and transitioning volume from other devices. Read More

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Landa: And They’re Off…

Benny Landa first introduced the concept of “Nanography” at drupa 2012. There was a reaffirmation of the introduction at drupa 2016, and since then, lots of quiet. It turns out the quiet was self-imposed, and in the interim Landa has been very busy building an organization and shipping presses. Read More

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Who Ya Gonna Call for Inkjet Press Maintenance?

A fully trained operator is central to a maintenance protocol that ensures the machine will perform its best in your environment.  If you spend the necessary time and consumables during ramp up, you will reap the rewards of efficiency and fearlessness as new types of jobs come into the shop. Read More

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Group Joos Inkjet Applications – Video

Alex Joos of Group Joos, located in Belgium, joins us for a deeper dive into their use of inkjet across multiple operations. Group Joos provides transaction printing and direct mail services to a very diverse market using inkjet across all areas. Read More

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Xerox Baltoro Inkjet Platform Overview

Xerox has announced the availability of the Baltoro High Fusion Inkjet Press. This is a press announcement, but Xerox was consistent in positioning the Baltoro as a “platform” in the model of the Trivor, iGen and DocuTech series of devices. Read More

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Inkjet Tip of the Week – Use Ink Wisely

Inkjet Tip of the Week - Use Ink Wisely. Using a standard, default profile could be costing you money. When creating custom profiles, be sure to print profiling patch charts with different TAC settings such as 260, 240 and 220,  for high, medium and low ink usage options. Print efficiently and economically based on the customer's needs, not default settings. Read More

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Integrating Augmented Reality with Your Inkjet White Paper Factory

Augmented Reality has a significant potential to reinforce your position as a though leader and open up nontraditional revenue streams that will not disrupt your existing inkjet operations. The market for Mixed Reality (Print + AR) services is projected to reach $162 billion by 2020. Let’s talk about making Inkjet Insight members part of that market. Read More

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The Evolution of Inkjet Technology and Terminology

Robert Clark, manager of digital operations for IWCO Direct provides an overview of one of the inkjet educational tools he uses extensively - and why it matters. He's referring to the Glossary of the 2nd edition of the Designer's Guide to Inkjet. Wow - we have a fan. Thanks Robert. Read More

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In-Plants – A Rose by Any Other Name

Too often, the term “in-plant” has become homogenized. It is used as a generic term for any organization-owned print operation. When we take a closer look, we see that in-plants have varied names, especially when broken out by vertical market. These differences are important for OEMs to understand, and buyers to communicate when evaluating production inkjet. Read More

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6 Sensible Steps for Diversifying your Inkjet Book of Business

Inkjet is having an impact on every segment of the print market. While adoption has been slower in some segments than others, the need for inkjet presses to stay running has caused a ripple effect across segments. Many print organizations who invest in inkjet quickly seek to diversify their book of business in order to fill their inkjet presses, minimize marginal running costs and maximize revenue. Read More

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Inkjet, Toner and Being Marco Boer

Is inkjet eating toner's lunch? In some areas, yes. But, as long as there are many types of print organizations, there will be a need for many types of printing devices. One size does not fit all. Your mileage may vary. Definitely see the dealer for details. Read More

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More on Paragon Customer Communications – Part 2 – Video

Dave Phillips of Paragon Customer Communications is back with more details on 2 very different UK sites where cutting edge inkjet equipment coexists with some more "old school" tech. Dave provides insight on working with inkjet and coated paper, best fit of different inkjet technologies and the implications of GDPR requirements for transaction printers and direct mailers. Read More

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High Speed Inkjet Devices Take on Commercial Print Quality

Many buyers in 2019 are looking to complement or replace their offset production capabilities. High speed inkjet is gaining acceptance in a market with high print quality and color expectations. We are talking about high end, high value printing such as marketing collateral, magazines and catalogs. Read on for a round up of factors in evaluating presses for this market and top OEMs making the cut. Read More

Top Two Maintenance Questions to Ask

What is and is not included in the maintenance contract sound like basic questions - but listening for the RIGHT answers to these important questions is more nuanced than you might think. This is the second in a series on inkjet maintenance agreements. Read More

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Inkjet Insight and Group JOOS Present

Mary Schilling will be in Belgium next week presenting to a mixed audience of creative and production professionals hosted by Group JOOS Unlimited Digital Solutions.  Group JOOS are experts in converting big data into hyper-individualized cross marketing communication through digital, print and augmented reality. We are excited to announce this year’s program will be held at the Roosekes Breem Venue on June 4, 2019, focusing on “Better Match-Better Return through Cross Marketing and Inkjet Printing through Inkjet Insight’s Great 8 Program Read More

Help Direct Marketing Customers Differentiate Their Mailings

The USPS wants to keep mail relevant within the marketing mix. This year they are offering new and emerging technologies incentive programs for direct mail. Direct mail campaigns incorporating Augmented Reality sent before August 31, 2019 are eligible for a 2% postage savings. Read More

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Paragon Customer Communications – Part 1 – Video

Dave Phillips, Site Director for Paragon Customer Communications has a lot to say about the global printing market and where inkjet fits. In part 1 of this series, Dave provides an overview of the Paragon global footprint spanning 45 countries and the distinct approaches of their 2 UK sites. Read More

Run inkjet less & you’ll have HIGHER service costs.

Inkjet Tip of the Week: Run inkjet less & you’ll have HIGHER service costs. Less running time means proportionally more service time with inkjet. Service time with high speed inkjet increases @ proportionally when run less than 1 full shift/day instead of 1+ full shifts per day. Learn about maintenance requirements for shut down and head purges. Read More

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Komori’s Quality Obsession – Video

This is the second in a series of videos with Jacki Hudmon, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Komori America. In this interview, Jacki discusses the factors influencing inkjet quality at Komori and how that relates to offset production quality. Read More

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Inkjet Insight Tint Book – Free Tool 🔒

Pretty much everyone is familiar with the Pantone swatch / tint book which shows the CMYK, RGB and HTML values used to reproduce each swatch color, or tint, as accurately as possible in standard print and onscreen applications. The problem is that production inkjet is not really a “standard” print application. Read More

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Combating Coated Paper

Coated papers being more expensive, we expect higher quality from the printed piece. Gloss coated, which holds the ink high on the surface, will show any defect from inconsistent pre-coating, print head jetting and even inconsistent paper coating. Note that, even though we may not see a difference in surface coating, offset coated papers can come with inconsistencies that originate at the paper mill. If coating is not evenly applied across the entire paper machine, the roll or ream you receive will print and dry differently than the one before. Read More

Look at Quality Sideways

Inkjet Tip of the Week: Look at Quality Sideways. After you lay those pages down and admire the depth of color you’ve achieved, or the super-crisp text, pick them up and look at them sideways. Is the paper flat or does it look like the surf’s up at Malibu? Great print quality is “dry flat” print quality without curl, waviness or mottle.    Read More

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Conditions for High Capacity Inkjet – Video

We talked to Brian Gallipeau of Canon Solutions America about misconceptions around the impact of environmental controls and regular maintenance on the success of an inkjet printing implementation. As always, he shares some great analogies for bringing the points home. Read More

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The #1 Question When Selling Inkjet

Investing in a production inkjet solution is both a major expenditure and the beginning of major changes for the organization. Most companies invest because they believe that new hardware and software will help them to make money – either by doing more for the customers they have or by attracting new customers. Read More

Inkjet Designers: Think Before you Click

There's more at stake than pretty print - files that are inefficient, or just plain bad cost a lot of people time and money. Designing for inkjet comes with great responsibility - are you ready? Or should we find you a radioactive spider? Read More

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Put Data to Work – Video

There’s more to using data in an inkjet environment than personalization, versioning, security and augmented reality– although those are all great uses. Data can be used to drive quality, efficiency, revenue and profit. Elizabeth Gooding talks (fast) about some of the best ways to put data to work. Read More

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Online Ad Blockers and Inkjet Printing

The current challenges with online advertising underscore the need for print including direct mail, on-statement marketing and point-of-purchase advertising to drive marketing return on investment. Inkjet is a key player in this mix. Read More

You Can’t Compete on Cost Alone

You can’t compete on cost alone. Buying inkjet and lowering your prices won’t drive profit. Wrap inkjet with service improvement and new capabilities to drive more revenue and a higher margin.   Read More

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You May Ask, Why Komori? – Video

Jacki Hudmon, of Komori America talks to Elizabeth Gooding about why Komori is the best kept secret in production inkjet. Komori has committed to the market with a portfolio of inkjet products with multiple types of inks, multiple types of heads and even multiple approaches to getting the ink on the substrate in order to serve different aspects of their commercial print-focused customer base. Watch now to learn about Komori's growth roadmap. Read More

Inkjet Success and the Great Eight

To successfully integrate inkjet into your print workflow, focus on 8 key elements to create a clearer path to success. Whether you are in high speed, industrial or packaging, the Great Eight will empower a process, reduce production preparation and down time and pave the way to on-board projects with more profitability. Read More

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Which Inkjet Innovation is For You? Commercial Edition

Commercial printers fall into two groups: those who haven’t adopted inkjet and inkjet technology users. For those who haven’t looked at inkjet technology, the reasons are manifold. It may be that none of the work they do has required variable content, which is a common reason to look at inkjet. Read More

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Transaction Printers – No inkjet FOMO – Video

The 25% of transaction printers who have adopted inkjet control well over half of production volumes. Marco Boer or I.T. Strategies and Elizabeth Gooding of Inkjet Insight discuss what this means for the remaining 75% of transaction printers who have not invested in inkjet. Read More

Which Innovation is for You? Transaction Edition

Inkjet technology serves a vast array of segments. While the needs of each segment vary, the continuous announcement cycle might leave you confused about which innovation applies to the type of business you operate. Not every announcement you read nor every innovation that gets the spotlight may apply to your business. What fits for Transaction and Transitional printing? Read More

Shift Happens… Visual Expectations

Shift can happen anywhere in the printing process, but if the process is set up with visual expectations which can't possibly be matched, the process is set up for disappointment. Here's how to help internal and external designers create files with a better understanding of Machine, Ink and Media or MIM. Read More

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Navigating Paper Selection – Video

Tina Moylan, Director of Inkjet Specialty Products at Pixelle, shares insight into the complex world of paper and how to navigate the options for production inkjet printers to achieve optimal quality and the best value proposition. Read More

Why Consider Specialty Inks and Print Modules?

Since the dawn of the age of high-speed inkjet presses buyers of those presses have been encouraged to buy their ink from the hardware vendor. Good reasons were given, including concerns about contaminating print heads and print quality. The reasons still stand - but options are emerging. Read More

Make Samples Demonstrate “Best Practices”

Make Samples Demonstrate "Best Practices." Show your customers inkjet print samples that show the best practices for design, ink coverage, image complexity and quality and use of relevant personalization. Be your own object lesson and customers will learn how to use inkjet effectively. Read More

Used Inkjet and the Golden Ticket

Are OEMs buying up all the used inkjet printers to keep them off the market? Why is it so hard to find a used device? If you actually find one, here are some things to know. Read More

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A Market Map Puts Everything in Perspective 🔒

Inkjet Insight maps out I.T. Strategies North American print volume data to explore opportunities for production inkjet technologies. The map looks packaging, publishing, and document application categories. Production inkjet has been successful with applications that have light ink coverage printed on uncoated stocks … namely, transactional, direct mail, and some book applications. Many of these applications were converted from high-speed roll-fed toner devices and inkjet provided economic and process benefits and by adding color. Inkjet also provided the ability to add value to printed pages. It’s useful to look at the entire market to help put this area of success in perspective and to think about the requirements for expanding adoption. Read More

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Accept Your Workflow Limits

Few companies have embraced the concept that production workflow in a competitive organization is something that needs to be continuously improved. Only when we understand and accept the limits of our workflow can we be cognizant of ways to improve it. Read More

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Tips for Inkjet Print Samples – Video

Mary Schilling and Pat McGrew discuss inkjet print samples to be found at Hunkeler Innovation Days and provide tips for OEMs on showing their equipment in the best light. Great ideas for inkjet OEMS that translate into a useful checklist for printing companies as well. Read More

Paper Partners Meet in the Mountains

At Hunkeler Innovation Days, media developers Arctic Paper, Crown Van Gelder (CVG), Drewsen, Mitsubish and Mondi gathered to showcase their array of media products compatible with inkjet printers and finishing. Read More

Canon Solutions America Introduces Book Smart Suite

Canon Solutions America’s Book Smart announcement highlights the maturation of the company’s solutions for complex book production requirements on a range of technologies, from sheet-fed to continuous feed, Canon’s PRISMAprepare and PRISMAproduction controllers, Canon equipment or competitors, to a broad range of finishing capabilities. Read More

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Biggest Mistakes that Impact Press Availability – Video

While there are certainly technology and maintenance issues that impact inkjet production, often it’s as simple as rethinking and modifying an application.  Brian Gallipeau, Vice President, Field Service with Canon Solutions Americas talks about these issues and how to improve press availability and uptime. Read More

Boise Adds High Speed Papers

Boise Paper of Chicago, IL, a division of Packaging Corporation of America introduces a new line of papers expanding their high speed inkjet line up. Read More

Building your own Inkjet Press Solution

Building your own inkjet press might seem like a radical approach. Each year brings more options for speed, print resolution, and finished print sizes in both cut-sheet and web-fed formats. For some companies the option of building a custom press provides opportunities for differentiation that are worth considering. Read More

One Slice of One Canon

Coverage of the One Canon event focused on the Production Print Solutions (PPS) division and specifically the inkjet portfolio within PPS, in the context of the whole Canon pie. Read More

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Preparing Your Brain for Inkjet

Regardless of whether you are new to production inkjet or trying to work through production challenges, success often comes with a well-rounded approach that includes filling knowledge gaps and executing critical process steps.   Read More

Ghosts in the Machine

After the trainers leave and before you develop buyer’s remorse, there are tricks to living with your press that will allow you to maintain your inkjet excitement. That is the purpose of this series, starting with this first episode on dealing with ghosts. Read More

Everyone Loves Print Samples

Print samples are usually fulfilled as part of the sale process. But what do you do if you are just trying to get your own executives to the table? Here are a couple of options. Read More

The Year Ahead for Catalogs and Magalogs

The catalog market looks unexpectedly bright for 2019, both due to retail brands embracing direct mail and advances in inkjet technology to meet the needs of this challenging application segment. Read More

2019 Predictions – Part 2

Inkjet Insight considers developments in the production inkjet market for 2019. This is Part 2 of a series and covers product news that we anticipate throughout the year. Part 1 covered topics including supply chain issues, page volume growth strategies, and new market opportunities. Read More

IoT, Print and Inkjet Security

With the complexity of Internet of Things (IoT) networks expanding and the cost and frequency of breaches climbing, printers must take advantage of every resource to protect their security and their reputations. We discuss 2018 trends in security and print environments including links to research from Ponemon, Aberdeen and Inkjet Insight. Read More

Shift Happens… Understanding Aqueous Ink Chemistry

Welcome to the latest post in the "Shift Happens" series. In this post, we will focus on aqueous ink chemistry and factors affecting color shift. Knowing the type of ink and understanding its chemistry is just as important as understanding how it reacts to your surface conditions. Find out why. Read More

2019 Inkjet Predictions – Part 1

Inkjet Insight considers developments in the production inkjet market for 2019. Part 1 covers topics including supply chain issues, page volume growth strategies, and new market opportunities. Part 2 of this series will cover product announcements that we anticipate throughout the year. Read More

Screen Launches New Truepress Jet520HD+ at Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019

Screen Europe is pleased to announce its participation at Hunkeler innovationsdays 2019 (HID 2019), where its new Truepress Jet520HD+(plus) press will make its debut. Under the theme ‘Digital Everywhere!’ Screen’s exhibit will reflect the major international impact of digital printing and the company’s ability to lead change. Read More

Closure of a GP Paper Mill

Another blow for the publishing marketannounced by Georgia Pacific. GP is closing the communications paper division of its Port Hudson facility, as well as the wood yard, pulp mill and energy complex that support it. Read More

Learning from the Experts in 2018

One of the great things about being a partner at Inkjet Insight is that I get to talk to really interesting people and, in many cases, capture them on video. Over the course of 2018 we recorded some great advice from industry strategists, OEM execs and companies that have acquired inkjet for a wide range of application types. Here are some highlights. Read More

The Price of Ink and the Cost of Ink are Different

The price of ink and the cost of ink are different. For some applications, paying for a high-end inkjet ink can reduce drying costs, allow production on lower cost papers and streamline workflows by allowing more work to be produced on the same device. Price per liter and true cost are not the same. Read More

Inkjet Insight – 2018 Year in Review

This article summarizes the top articles published by Inkjet Insight in 2018 and reviews the progress we have made to fulfill our mission to be the most valuable source of unbiased information for companies evaluating and using production inkjet. We know that there are many exciting announcements coming in 2019 and look forward to sharing in this journey with our community. Read More

Strategic Technology Stack for Production Inkjet

Andy Gordon discusses the strategic role of production inkjet and the importance of developing a technology stack to drive business transformation. He discusses an NPR Freakonomics interview with Ford Motor Company’s CEO, Jim Hackett and the lessons to be learned that can apply to the printing industry. Read More

Two Sides of Coated Paper

If you are using inkjet coated or primed offset coated paper, different papers will have different porosity levels on each side of the sheet. Read More

Color Management of Inkjet Printing on Textiles

I entered this with a fair amount of naivete. I had heard that the romance between inkjet and cloth was just starting to get steamy. The idea of customizable fashion where someone can upload a design and have a dress printed and shipped that day is alluring. Read More

Inkjet Needs Maintenance Too

Like all mechanical printing technologies, inkjet requires maintenance. We often forget that ink and dust build up that happens with conventional printing and toner units can also impact inkjet equipment. Read More

Shift Happens… So Measure

Color shifts can happen, and when it does, it may become unacceptable and even embarrassing when they are visually obvious. For our first segment of our Color Shift Happens series, we will discuss why it is important to add industry proven methods to evaluate color. Read More

Shift Happens

Have you ever received a pdf file which called for bright red or a blue shade, but didn’t print correctly with colors visually different from what the customer was targeting? Shift can happen from paper to paper or from device to device. It can even happen to the same color printed in different areas on the same page in certain conditions. Color shift is any change which is unexpected and doesn’t meet customer expectations. Read More

The Strategic Press Decision

This article discusses the role of strategic planning in making equipment acquisition decisions and highlights the use of the Ansoff product-market matrix as a tool to help with brainstorming and planning. Read More

Zanders: Price Increase as of January 1st 2019

Paper producer Zanders will increase the prices for all deliveries from 1 January 2019. The amount of the price increase will be individually discussed depending on the individual product, the respective market and customer. Read More

Rich Black in Images Shouldn’t Be Scary

Producing quality rich blacks and image details with inkjet can become a scary task. Learn how to control black details (shadows) by understanding the ink/paper/profile combinations that are spooking your results. Happy Halloween. Read More

The Value in OEM Inkjet Inks

Have you ever wondered why it is difficult to find 3rd party ink suppliers for production inkjet devices? Mark Bale discusses the pros and cons of OEM supplied inkjet inks versus 3rd party and the key questions to ask if considering working with 3rd-party ink developers. Read More

Get the Specs and Read Them

Before signing your inkjet deal, get the specs for power, ceiling height, load-bearing, square footage, humidity and more. You may find that changes need to be made to your environment that add cost and delay installation. Measure (at least) twice before you buy. Read More

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What You Don’t Know About Print Volumes and Inkjet

If you want to make good decisions about inkjet, you need to take a long hard look at your entire book of business. This post discusses the common issues that arise when decisions are made without proper analysis of all of a company's print volume - whether they think it can transition to inkjet or not. Read More

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Tortured Paper Tortures Finishing – Video

Mark Hunt of Standard Finishing talks about the many ways that inkjet printing poses challenges for finishing vendors and how those challenges can be overcome. Over drying, not dry enough, curl and static are just a few of the fun facts of high-speed inkjet printing. Read More

Inkjet Ink and its Important Additives

Mark Bale provides an overview of the important differences in inkjet ink characteristics that come from various components such as resins, solvents, humectants and surfactants. With an understanding of these components and how OEMs use them to differentiate their inks, you’ll be better informed next time you have a conversation with your supplier. Read More

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Highnote’s Inkjet Journey – Video

Jennifer Eberle of Highnote discusses their recent conversion from toner to sheet-fed inkjet. Highnote produces a wide range of products including direct mail, brand collateral and signage. She has a great story to tell about how quickly the system was up and running, their ability to immediately convert volume to the device - they had added a second shift within the first few months - and the potential they see for moving into new markets. Spoiler alert, Jennifer is a big fan of Canon and the VarioStream 1300. Read More

Total Cost of Paper – TCP

Inkjet Tip of the Week: Understand Total Cost of Paper to compare TCO TCP=Cost per carton weight (delivered) + cost of priming or spot treatment + excess ink usage+ excess drying energy. Papers not formulated for inkjet often use more ink and require additional drying energy. Measure TCP to fully understand TCO - every machine/ink/paper combination is different. Read More

RISO T2 Twin-Engine Cut Sheet Overview

Overview and analysis of the RISO T2 Twin-Engine Cut Sheet printer scheduled for controlled release later this year with 10 units currently available in the U.S. and general availability in January 2019. Comparison to VarioStream i300 and Delphax elan 500 sheet fed devices. Read More

Stop the (Ink) Bleeding

Stop the (Ink) Bleeding. Check primed or inkjet coated print for color-to-color bleed/coalescence. Run test images w/ varying solid, single process & combined colors which touch or overlap. Create color areas > 4”x4” to see how ink volume of one image will spread or react to the primed/coated stock when touching another. If only printing pretty bitmap images, bleed effects can be hidden leaving print clarity surprises with solids and touching colors with hard edges. Read More

Monitor Cross-Process Variance

Monitor Cross-Process Variance. Run a weekly test print showing solid color bars across the web. Include 100, 75 and 30% individual process color bars of at least 3” depth across the entire web width. Testing will show how well your paper path is controlled and identify any jet or head variation causing solid area defects. Read More

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Inkjet ink – Carrier Matters

Mark Bale provides a deep dive into the differences in the approach to colorant carrier in the main categories of inkjet ink: aqueous, oil, hot-melt and UV curable. Ink chemistry matters and different approaches are better suited to specific applications. Read More

Inkjet Insight at PRINT 18

Inkjet Insight will be all over PRINT 18. On Monday October 1, at 12:00 authors Elizabeth Gooding and Mary Schilling will have a book signing for the release of the ... Read More

Finish Inkjet Better

Many finishing lines are “old fashioned” relative to inkjet devices. Get creative and optimize your physical workflow for speed, flexibility and dependability. Read More

Inkjet ink – Chemistry Matters

First in a new series by Mark Bale discussing the topic of inks. This post explains the chemistry and colorant options available in the production print market. Our aim is to give a non-exhaustive insight in to material differences and how they impact print quality and color. Read More

Albert Munsell his Color Space Accomplishments

John Seymour shares a humorous post on the accomplishments of Albert Munsell and his contributions to the field of color management. Provides an overview of the leading sources of color management theory and an approachable way to understand three-dimensional color space. Read More

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The Future of Inkjet Printing to 2023 – Highlights 🔒

Highlights from the latest Smithers Pira report: The Future of Inkjet Printing to 2023 project that the value of the global inkjet market will rise at 9.4% over the next five years. As the global print market transforms, shifts in buyer demands—short runs, versioned and personalized products—and higher quality are aligning with the capabilities of inkjet. This is making it a key focus for technology developers. This analysis shows that inkjet will grow by deepening its penetration into existing markets and exploiting new emergent market opportunities through 2023. Read More

Konica Minolta and Memjet Form Strategic Partnership

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta) today announced a strategic partnership with Memjet. Combining Memjet’s printing technology with the hardware expertise of Konica Minolta has resulted in the creation of digital inkjet print and labeling solutions that deliver the speed, quality and affordable cost of ownership that print and label providers need to succeed in today’s changing markets. Read More

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Measuring the Capacity of Your Inkjet Workflow – Part 2

Managing your workflow resources, understanding potential bottlenecks and the corresponding job attributes that will trigger them is essential to meeting SLA performance expectations in an inkjet environment. Tim Cooper of NCP Solutions, an OSG Company, provides expert insight on identifying constraints and measuring for success. Read More

Manage Profiles to Manage Ink

Create multiple profiles for the same paper to manage ink use for your client's range of acceptable color levels. Make the profile name part of your job definition. Read More

Designer’s Guide to Inkjet, 2nd Edition Released at thINK 2018

thINK, an independent community of Canon Solutions America production print customers, today announced that thINK and Canon Solutions America have teamed up with Elizabeth Gooding and Mary Schilling of Inkjet Insight to produce a second edition of the Designers Guide to Inkjet, which was originally published in 2014 by Canon Solutions America. Read More

Understanding Your Workflow Capacity – Part 1

Tim Cooper, Chief Enterprise Architect from Harland Clarke Holdings Company shares insights in a two-part series on defining, measuring and modelling workflow capacity for production inkjet printing. This article is focused on understanding the components of workflow and how it may impact capacity. Read More

Canadian Newsprint Exports Not Subject to U.S. Tariffs

Today's unanimous ruling of no injury by the USITC follows the U.S. Department of Commerce's determination on August 2, 2018, that imposed a combined countervailing and antidumping duty of 20.26 per cent on Catalyst.  Due to the negative injury determination, these duties no longer apply after the USITC publishes its final determination at the end of September, and the cash deposits collected to date will be refunded to the company. While the lone petitioner, NORPAC, can appeal today's ruling, the company is optimistic they will accept the judgement of the USITC.     Read More

Growing Inkjet Pages with Designers

The growth markets for production inkjet lie in the segments where creatives hold sway. If you want to grow pages in these markets, you will need to get designers on your side. Read More

Delphax Rising

Delphax Solutions Inc. (DSI), was created in August, 2017 by Air T to design, manufacture, and sell printing equipment starting with the elan product line. The company shared news of the new organization and strategic direction. Read More

What Designer’s Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Don't make designers guess about color matching or papers that work well with your press. Create tools to give designers and print buyers an objective understanding of your press quality on different media.  Read More

Print Providers Speak Out About Paper Trends

The Inkjet Insight team has dedicated a lot of its recent editorial activity towards understanding the impact of mill closures and paper supply issues on the production inkjet market. In addition to interviewing print service providers, equipment manufacturers, mills, and paper merchants, we also sent out a survey to our audience in order to validate what we were learning. Read More

Conventional Offset – Is it time for Inkjet?

Mary Schilling discusses the opportunity for sheet-fed inkjet including the traditional barriers of paper, pricing and image quality. The analysis discusses the requirements for inkjet to compete with commercial offset printing. Read More

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Digital Productivity for Labels – Video

Inkjet is a complement to toner and flexo in the label market according to Marco Boer of I.T. Strategies. Marco discusses the relative productivity, ownership cost and simplicity of inkjet for labels and takes a skeptical look at label personalization. When it comes to justifying inkjet for labels, think “burst volumes.” Read More

Paper Dust and Downtime

Dust and Downtime Uncoated papers with uneven surface formation can generate dust. Dust can buildup on paper transports and print heads causing jet-outs, reduced print quality, increased maintenance costs and downtime. If dust concentration is very high, it can have health consequences for workers – more downtime! Read More

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Developing a Testing Process for Inkjet Adoption

In the past, when new graphic arts technology has been introduced, the first response has often been, “It will never be good enough to replace ‘X.’” It was said that offset printing would never be good enough to replace letterpress. Web offset would never be good enough to replace sheetfed. Toner-based digital print would never be good enough to replace offset. The introduction of production inkjet was no different. Read More

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You Can Do More with Sheet-Fed

Sheet-fed presses have traditionally addressed high image quality requirements, short runs, substrate flexibility, larger format applications such as folder or posters, expanded color gamut, and value-added enhancements. This article discusses the market opportunity for sheet-fed inkjet presses, a range of devices, and opportunities. Read More

Test Gloss Carefully

More inkjet presses can now print on offset gloss – but test carefully. The ink may adhere just fine, but gloss stocks can slip more easily (especially roll-fed) so check registration of fine images and rich blacks. Read More

Crayon Space and Three Attributes of Color

Last week in Color Management as Crayon Space, I posed an impossible task: to arrange crayons in a line according to their color. Color can’t be arranged in a line because it’s three-dimensional. This post will discuss the three dimensions of color: hue angle, lightness value, and chroma/saturation. Again, we’ll play with crayons and some real-life experiments. Read More

Inkjet in label printing – part 2

Chris Lynn continues his packaging series with a look at what has held inkjet back in the label market and, by extension, what has caused even slower adoption in the rest of the packaging market – and how these limitations are being overcome. Read More

Check the Fine Print

Most aqueous inkjet devices will have plugging and registration issues with rich black text at 9pt or smaller. If you need fine print, test the density of plain K ink and minimize the use of CM&Y. Some OEMs offer high density black. Read More

Print Providers and Buyers Managing Paper Together

Andy Gordon discusses ways that print providers and their print buying customers can work together to reduce the disruptive impact of paper scarcity. More planning, more testing and more emphasis on strategy can lead to shared success. Read More

Managing Color in Crayon Space

John Seymour joins Inkjet Insight for part one of a series discussing color management using crayons as a guide.  Part one poses the challenging of creating a linear organization of a non-linear concept. Read More

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Inkjet in Label Printing – Part 1

Chris Lynn explores the reasons why toner and inkjet account for under 10% of the volume of labels printed last year and why the label sector of the packaging market was the first to adopt digital technologies despite the uphill battle. Read More

White Paper: Océ VarioPrint i300 Offers Flexibility and Growth

Production inkjet has been limited in its ability to produce customized jobs on a wide range of substrates due to a predominantly roll-fed approach. Canon’s research and development of sheet-fed inkjet presses has addressed customization and substrate flexibility while bringing the benefits of inkjet printing to an expanded application range. Read More

Paper Suppliers and Crisis Communications

My last post, Paper Supply and Strategic Planning, continued our coverage of paper shortage in the U.S. market. This post offers suggestions to mills and paper merchants on how they can help print providers navigate this difficult time. Read More

How to Hide Banding

If you see banding in continuous solid colors, ask the designer  if "mixing up" that continuous solid is possible. Adding random patterns to large solid colors makes cross process print head density shifts less visible when multiple heads across the web are used to produce the solids. Read More

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IWCO Direct’s Journey to Inkjet

Robert Clark of IWCO Direct discusses their experience migrating from conventional print to production inkjet. The pros far outweighed the cons, but that doesn't mean the journey to inkjet came without a learning curve. Read More

Paper Supply and Strategic Planning

Inkjet Insight is closely watching the challenging paper shortage in the U.S. market. Our team  has covered different aspects of this topic from pulp trends to impacts to the supply chain. Most recently, we have been interviewing subject matter experts throughout the paper supply chain to gain a holistic view of the market. It’s clear that the tight paper market is driving frustration and change and it’s incumbent on participants throughout the supply chain to consider how to solve this challenge. Read More

Tools: Customer Education Checklist for Inkjet

Creating a solid customer education plan has many potential benefits for your company. Often, the process of documenting standards and creating guidelines for customers also uncovers opportunities for improvement and makes your sales team more productive. Read More

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Primer, Super Ink or Door Number 3? – Video

Eric Wiesner, General Manager of HP PageWide Industrial Division provides background on HP's decision to expand the range of media compatibility for HP devices using a pre-coat or primer rather than adding additional solvents, resins and other chemistry to the ink. Read More

Understand Drying Differences

The wrong drying configuration on an #inkjet press can torture the paper without properly drying the ink. Learn about the best drying options to match your type of work, ink type and coverage. Read More

Zanders Optimistic During Restructuring

Last week Zanders GmbH issued a press release regarding the continued restructuring process for the company. The release included a sentiment that we don’t often hear in these types of announcements: optimism. Read More

Ask Questions About the Digital Front End

Don’t blindly accept the DFE bundled with the press. Ask about color management, variable data and file handling features of the DFE. Consider all of your DFE options and find the best fit for your workflow. Read More

Zanders GmbH Restructuring Process Continues

The restructuring process for Zanders GmbH continues. Restructuring Director Igor Ferlan and external consultants manage Zanders in collaboration with lawyer d'Avoine and his team. Everyone involved is optimistic that they will be able to create a stable future for Zanders. Read More

Ricoh Pro VC 70000 Overview

I had the opportunity to see the Ricoh Pro VC70000 in action at Ricoh’s Boulder Colorado Customer Experience Center last week and to learn about some of the innovations that differentiate it from the rest of the Pro VC lineup. While visually similar to the VC 60000, the VC7000 offers three key innovations: new ink chemistry, advanced drying technology and finely controlled drop sizes. Read More

Ricoh Changes the Inkjet Game, Introducing Additional Inks and the New RICOH Pro VC70000

Ricoh USA Inc. today announced the newest addition to its award-winning inkjet portfolio, the RICOH Pro VC70000, built to accelerate the transfer of offset print volumes to digital. The new continuous feed platform empowers commercial printers to produce quality applications, such as high-end catalogs and magazines, traditionally expected from offset presses. Additionally, Ricoh-developed inks enable up to 40 percent savings in paper costs while also expanding media support to offset-coated papers, untreated papers and more. Read More

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Haberbeck: Offset and, not or Production Inkjet

Christian Heneke of Service & Print Group Haberbeck gave a presentation today at the Ricoh Interact 2018 event on offset and inkjet working together. Like many companies, Haberbeck looked at the volumes of current work that could be transferred to inkjet, but he had a broader message. Read More

Compare Costs of Complete Solutions

Compare Costs of Complete Solutions. Don't conduct TCO or eliminate press options until you have configured a complete solution. An “expensive” press may look reasonable once you configure the “bargain” press with drying, priming, turn-bar, premium ink, software and finishing. Compare fair! Read More

Understand Press Settings & Profiles

A different profile is needed for each paper AND the press settings it will be run under. Speed, TAC and resolution factors can all affect color chroma, density, graininess, small text clarity and line raggedness. Differences at top speed can be dramatic on some presses. Read More

Potential for Inkjet in Packaging

The package printing climate is changing, and waves of new technology are breaking on the shores of short-run work, but the packaging mainland is mostly unaffected so far. Chris Lynn offers insights on the packaging market for inkjet. Read More

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Evaluating Devices – HP Perspective – Video

Elizabeth asked David Murphy of HP PageWide Industrial what he thought customers should be considering and his first response was to say that customers should be taking a long term view - multiple years out. He said customers should be thinking in terms of the ability for the device to remain relevant as inkjet continues to evolve. Read More

Understand Job Productivity

Not all presses will produce their top quality at top speed. Understand the impact of sheet size or web width, media type, ink coverage and actual production speed (not rated speed) on your achievable Images Per Minute (IPM). There are many other issues that impact overall productivity - but it starts at the press for each job. Read More

Color Vision Deficiencies

Knowing he color capabilities of your inkjet device is very important, but understanding the color capabilities of your press crew is critical. Visually tweaking or modifying color on press is never an efficient or repeatable way to run production. Making your staff aware of their potential vision deficiencies will help catch color, as well as print quality issues, before they get to your customer. Here are some things you should know. Read More

Mitigating Risk in the Paper Supply Chain

There are a number of issues with the inkjet paper supply chain that are going to test your paper qualification and sourcing policies. You will need to test more papers, track them carefully and ensure that your receiving dock runs like a NASCAR pit stop. Here are a few survival tips. Read More

Make Your Contract Match Your Business Case

If your business case assumes that the OEM is responsible for all costs of transfer, installation and testing – make sure that’s in the contract. Account for cost to move other equipment, if applicable and factor in labor and cost of down-time on other devices during transition. Consider a clause to cover costs of delays. Hope for the best and cover yourself for the worst. Read More

Don’t Confuse DPI and Apparent Resolution

Simple rule of thumb is that dots-per-inch matters for text while“apparent” resolution is important for continuous tone images – but will not give the same relative improvement to text. Both are important when evaluating inkjet presses and neither can be evaluated without viewing print samples. Read More

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Pigment Ink and Creme Brûlée

As inkjet moves into applications with high ink coverage and quality demands, users can run into some hard to diagnose problems. If you only focus on the paper and the print heads when trying to diagnose print quality issues, you could struggle for a long time looking in the wrong places. Read More

Be a Software Shopper

Software is a key component of efficient inkjet worfklow. Buying from the OEM may be the best option, but it pays to shop around. Most software types offered as part ... Read More

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EFI Inkjet Innovation in New Hampshire

This week I had the opportunity to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new 225,000 square foot EFI innovation center in Londonderry New Hampshire. In his opening remarks Guy Gecht, CEO of EFI said "the future of packaging is inkjet printing" and based on EFI's massive investment in this very impressive facility, they are ready to meet demand. Read More

Make Sure It Fits and Flows

Designing the way that materials and finished products will move through the plant is as important as designing software workflow. Paper handling for inkjet may be different from what you ... Read More

Inkjet and Interest Rates

Right now rates are still very low, but they are rising. The US Federal Reserve projects 3 more rate hikes in 2018. Even a small difference in terms can make ... Read More

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Commercial Print and Inkjet – Video

"Are Commercial Print and Inkjet gonna' be a Thing?" That's the question I asked Marco Boer of I.T. Strategies. Marco says a perfect storm of industry catalysts are likely to move commercial print organizations to consider the move to inkjet. But, it already is a thing. Read More

Key Trends in Inkjet Paper Development & Evaluation

Advances in inkjet technology and fluids are enabling production on a wider variety of paper grades and finishes. How does this impact the evaluation process for papers? What new variables must be considered when evaluating paper for particular application segments. Mary offered work-arounds for scarcity in the market and tips on finding and evaluating papers. Read More

Understanding Paper Specifications-Shade

Shade is important to inkjet color reproduction as the paper's shade shows through the ink and can shift the ink's colorant when applied to the sheet. Paper shade can affect all values of highlight, mid-tone and shadow areas of print. Read More

Inkjet Fun Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

There were so many great inkjet conferences this week and we felt bad for the people who couldn't attend so we made a crossword puzzle to keep you busy. As promised - here is the answer key. Read More

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Business Case Calculator for Software

A very simple tool to allow you do do some "what if" analysis on how improvements in uptime, minimizing paper changes and other seemingly minimal improvements can impact your revenue over the course of the year. It adds up! Read More

Kyocera Previews New High-Speed Inkjet – TASKalfa Pro 15000c

KYOCERA Document Solutions America, Inc., one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, today previewed the TASKalfa Pro 15000c, in an exclusive exhibit at the 2018 KYOCERA Innovate dealer conference in Orlando, Florida. The TASKalfa Pro 15000c represents Kyocera’s inaugural product entry into the high-speed cut sheet inkjet market. With print speeds at 150 pages per minute in A4 (146 pages per minute Letter), regardless of media type, this full-color production inkjet printing system delivers unparalleled quality and reliability. Ideally suited for Print Service Providers and customers looking to run medium to large volume jobs in-house, the TASKalfa Pro 15000c delivers the necessary functionality at an attractive price point. Read More

Konica Minolta Debuts Continuous Feed Inkjet Solution

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta,) a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced that it will unveil the latest offerings in its long line of market-leading production printing devices for the commercial print industry – the WEBjet 200D and WEBjet100D continuous feed inkjet presses – at the inkjet Summit 2018 in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, April 9-11. Read More

Understanding Paper Specifications-Whiteness

Paper whiteness is particularly important in markets for which small text and readability is important such as book as well as magazine. For magazine images, the level of OBA's in the paper can affect color reproduction accuracy of certain colors combinations. Read More

Inkjet Fun – Crossword

We've put together something to keep you thinking about inkjet - an inkjet crossword puzzle. If you've been reading our posts you should find this pretty easy. Post a comment to brag if you finish in less than 10 minutes. Read More

Understanding Paper Specifications-Brightness

Characteristics like brightness, whiteness and shade level of the paper can impact the inkjet color outcomes for your project. Lets talk about how some of the manufactured paper specifications and how brightness can directly affect your color fidelity. Read More

Inkjet for Catalogs and Magazines – What Matters?

Offset printing satisfies the majority of the production requirements for both catalogs and magazines. As marketers seek to increase ROI, you can start to make the case for shorter runs, versioning, hyper-localization, and personalization and then inkjet printing starts to become interesting. Read More

Set a Clock on Incentives

Don’t leave money on the table by letting training, testing, professional services and business development support offered as buyer incentives expire. Make sure that the deadlines included in the contract ... Read More

Paper Economics

Finding paper that will give you the quality you want at the best cost can make or break the economics for production inkjet. Choice of paper will directly impact the ... Read More

How to Make the Business Case for Essential Software

As faster and more productive inkjet devices reach the market, maximizing productive uptime is truly essential. Unfortunately, many companies skimp on building the costs for essential software into their inkjet justification. Find out how costly this mistake can be. Read More

Inkjet Print Head Pop Quiz

OEM executives and analysts offer balanced overviews of the pros and cons of the different print head technologies, but to understand which is best buyers need to look beyond the head technology itself and consider specific characteristics of each implementation of the technology. Here are the questions to ask. Read More

Screening Software Drives Inkjet Quality

David Zwang joins us for an initial look at an interesting new screening software development that significantly improves the quality of inkjet imaging. The software referenced is only available as an option from an OEM as part of their RIP, or as a component in a custom-developed (bespoke) hybrid inkjet printing solution. Read More

Measure Wastage

The amount of paper wasted during start up can be a big differentiator for continuous devices – particularly those with a wide web. Companies that make frequent paper changes leaving partial rolls need to look carefully at paper handling options, splice detection and the ability to print full quality during ramp-up. Sheet fed devices have come on the market that may be sound alternatives when frequent paper changes are required subject to volume constraints. Read More

Maintenance Matters

The structure of your maintenance plan is crucial to the success of your inkjet investment. Pay particular attention to how print heads are covered in terms of jet-outs or other quality issues that would require print heads to be serviced or replaced. If your quality requirements are high, you need to make sure that you are covered for the level of quality you need to deliver. How many jet-outs can you live with? Look at the break-down of self-maintenance versus OEM maintenance and the expected level of downtime. Read More

Inkjet for Marketing Collateral – What Matters? 🔒

While the conversion of marketing collateral from offset to digital may not be high, the value for digitally printed collateral is often much higher than other applications, typically driven by shorter run lengths, versioning and personalization. This has created excellent revenue opportunities for commercial printers who specialize in this area. Read More

Objective Ink Measures – Chroma

In this installment of "Let Data Drive your Print Quality Comparisons" Mary Schilling discusses the importance of chroma, how it's defined within the context of print quality analysis and differences between inkjet and offset. Read More

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HP Thermal Print Head Strategy – Video

Eric Wiesner of HP provides the 4th installment in our print head strategy series. Wiesner provides some history on HPs print head developments and highlights the factors that drove HP to select thermal print heads for their production devices in the graphics market. Read More

Inkjet Growth Should be Faster

Despite what can be seen as very healthy growth rates, the production inkjet market could be growing considerably faster. Let's look at the barriers to inkjet growth and how we as an industry can work together to tear them down. Read More



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