Touch Screens: Clean Often. Clean Carefully

By Inkjet Insight / Published:

We are all eager to kill germs these days – but the wrong cleaner can also kill your touch screen. The acidity of cleaners containing concentrated amounts of alcohol or ammonia can leave permanent streaks. When cleaning sensitive equipment like phones, tablets and touch-sensitive digital front ends use a mixture of 40 percent rubbing alcohol diluted with 60 percent water. Don’t spray the liquid directly on the surface – instead, spray onto a microfiber cloth and use the cloth to clean the surface. Sanitize safely!


  1. Great point, especially today when sanitizing work areas and equipment is critical. Many of our customers and partners have asked us to provide further instructions for safely cleaning the touch screen displays on their Horizon and Hunkeler equipment, so last week Standard issued this advisory for proper cleaning procedures: Stay well and safe!

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