Featured image for “Color Management is Not Just About Color- Part 2 Drying & Curing”
August 31, 2021

Color Management is Not Just About Color- Part 2 Drying & Curing

The next installment in the components color management takes a look at drying and curing and their impact on print quality.
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June 1, 2021

Fujifilm Integrated inkjet Solutions

Fujifilm, which has been developing inkjet integration projects for some years, is now making a more public play in this market to help customers add inkjet to their existing manufacturing processes through its FUJIFILM Integration Inkjet Solutions team.
Featured image for “Understanding Inkjet Drying Technology – Webinar”
May 8, 2021

Understanding Inkjet Drying Technology – Webinar

Wednesday May 26 – Free Inkjet Explainer on drying technologies for inkjet and how they work, with Mary Schilling and Vic Salm and Dustin Graupman
Featured image for “Canon Doubles Down on Commercial Print with VarioPRINT iX”
April 1, 2020

Canon Doubles Down on Commercial Print with VarioPRINT iX

With the introduction of two new VarioPPRINT iX models, Canon is focused squarely on the needs of general commercial printers for high image quality on a wide media range and flexibility to run mixed media jobs at full speed. Canon will continue to market and support the current VarioPrint+ iSeries in the appropriate markets along with the new VarioPRINT iX Series. The new devices will be ready to ship in July 2020. See overview and supporting white paper.
Featured image for “The Top 4 Drying Methods for Inkjet”
January 28, 2020

The Top 4 Drying Methods for Inkjet

Just as there are many types of inkjet printheads and ink, there are many types of processes for inkjet drying. Most printers combine several processes to create a drying solution. Ralf Schlozer discusses the fundamental factors related to drying in document and packaging printing environments including absorption, phase change, radiation and evaporation. It’s dry – but important.
Featured image for “Understanding Quality Inkjet as the Sum of its Parts – Free Download”
December 12, 2019

Understanding Quality Inkjet as the Sum of its Parts – Free Download

Our most recent white paper, sponsored by RICOH, examines the many factors that combine to create a quality inkjet solution for a particular market need. The production workflow and quality sensitivity varies significantly from one application segment to another. While some companies may be replacing one technology platform with another, others are challenged to maintain compatibility between inkjet and toner or offset platforms.
Featured image for “The Big Push: Experiments to Try with your Inkjet Press – Part 3”
October 9, 2019

The Big Push: Experiments to Try with your Inkjet Press – Part 3

If you own an Inkjet press, part of your on-going process should include some experimentation. Experimentation with different substrates, different ink settings, and different profiles help the production team understand the opportunities your press enables. This episode covers experiments with speed and drying.
Featured image for “Solving Quality Problems with NIR Drying – Video”
April 2, 2019

Solving Quality Problems with NIR Drying – Video

Elizabeth Gooding interviews Dr. Kai Bär of Adphos Group, a leading expert on Near Infrared Drying, or NIR and inkjet. Discussion of the critical role that drying technology plays in achieving quality output with production inkjet.
February 5, 2019

Ghosts in the Machine

After the trainers leave and before you develop buyer’s remorse, there are tricks to living with your press that will allow you to maintain your inkjet excitement. That is the purpose of this series, starting with this first episode on dealing with ghosts.
January 22, 2019

Shift Happens… Understanding Aqueous Ink Chemistry

Welcome to the latest post in the “Shift Happens” series. In this post, we will focus on aqueous ink chemistry and factors affecting color shift. Knowing the type of ink and understanding its chemistry is just as important as understanding how it reacts to your surface conditions. Find out why.
December 11, 2018

Heavy Ink Coverage and Twice the Drying Power

Printing from the first tower allows ink twice as long to dry helping reduce roller build up and print defects in finishing.
December 4, 2018

Two Sides of Coated Paper

If you are using inkjet coated or primed offset coated paper, different papers will have different porosity levels on each side of the sheet.
Featured image for “Tortured Paper Tortures Finishing – Video”
October 23, 2018

Tortured Paper Tortures Finishing – Video

Mark Hunt of Standard Finishing talks about the many ways that inkjet printing poses challenges for finishing vendors and how those challenges can be overcome. Over drying, not dry enough, curl and static are just a few of the fun facts of high-speed inkjet printing.
October 19, 2018

Inkjet Ink and its Important Additives

Mark Bale provides an overview of the important differences in inkjet ink characteristics that come from various components such as resins, solvents, humectants and surfactants. With an understanding of these components and how OEMs use them to differentiate their inks, you’ll be better informed next time you have a conversation with your supplier.
Featured image for “New Near Infrared Dryer for SCREEN Truepress Jet 520HD Inkjet Web Press”
October 16, 2018

New Near Infrared Dryer for SCREEN Truepress Jet 520HD Inkjet Web Press

SCREEN’s flagship, high-speed production, inkjet web press has made yet another leap toward becoming the preferred technology for printers looking to either augment or replace aging offset equipment. Yields higher print speeds on coated litho stocks, expands lightweight paper capabilities, fine-tunes drying performance across all substrates.
July 9, 2018

Understand Drying Differences

The wrong drying configuration on an #inkjet press can torture the paper without properly drying the ink. Learn about the best drying options to match your type of work, ink type and coverage.
Featured image for “Pigment Ink and Creme Brûlée”
May 15, 2018

Pigment Ink and Creme Brûlée

As inkjet moves into applications with high ink coverage and quality demands, users can run into some hard to diagnose problems. If you only focus on the paper and the print heads when trying to diagnose print quality issues, you could struggle for a long time looking in the wrong places.
Featured image for “HP Drying Options and Tradeoffs – Video”
May 7, 2018

HP Drying Options and Tradeoffs – Video

Eric Weisner, General Manager of HP PageWide Industrial Division on the drying options HP offers with their production inkjet line-up and the  speed, coverage and cost trade-offs to consider.

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