Members have access to an exceptional array of inkjet data and content that is continuously analyzed, updated, and expanded

Paper Finder

The Paper Finder consolidates inkjet paper specifications from mills around the world into a single, searchable database. Search by paper characteristics such as basis weight, caliper, surface treatment, brightness, rolls or sheets, region, application suitability and more.

Where available, the Paper Finder cross-references mill-provided information with OEM paper testing data and our own Print Quality Analysis Reports to indicate if the paper has demonstrated performance on specific device and ink combinations. Data is continuously updated as paper formulations change and new papers are introduced.

Device Finder

Device Finder consolidates detailed OEM inkjet specifications in a highly searchable database. Search by characteristics such as OEM, ink type, paper transport, web width, duty cycle, MICR capability, speed, maximum resolution, head technology, application suitability and more.

Where available, Device Finder lists finishing partners and cross references devices with our own Print Quality Analysis Reports to indicate if specific papers have been tested on the device within tolerances for specific market segments. Data is continuously updated as new devices, inks and features are introduced.


RFP Checklists

Request for Proposal Checklists cover key factors to consider when constructing an RFP or preparing to evaluate competing bids. Checklists are added or updated monthly based on the continuing evolution of inkjet technology and release of new capabilities.

Here are just few of the scheduled segments:

    • Defining Requirements
    • Machine Configuration Factors
    • Print Quality Analysis
    • Ink and Consumables
    • Finishing
    • Maintenance Plans
    • Developing Acceptance Criteria

Print Quality Analysis Reports

Print Quality Analysis (PQA) Reports quantitatively measure the performance of selected papers on a specific inkjet device and ink combination. Reports compare papers of similar type such as uncoated, inkjet treated and inkjet coated according to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are relevant to a market segment or application type.

Reports may also be generated to highlight the difference in print quality between uncoated and inkjet treated papers of similar grade, and between inkjet treated and inkjet coated. New reports are continually being added as new papers and machines are tested.

Customer Education Resources

Our cache of customer education tools include customizable templates for running a branded fingerprint test on your selected papers, color matching tools design tips and guidelines for writing effective file packaging instructions.

These tools help you promote the power of inkjet to your customers and help sales teams position capabilities accurately so you can grow your inkjet volumes faster.

Insider Access

Inkjet Insight Insiders* have access to all our premium content and get to weigh in on priorities for new content. We will focus our ongoing paper testing efforts based on the composition of our membership and their prioritization of various application segments.

In addition, Insiders can submit questions to our team of experts and we will roll the most requested topics into a monthly Q&A webinar that is only available on Inkjet Insight.

*Premium members who are not employed at OEM/vendor organizations