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FuturePrint October Edition: 5 Days of Education

Building on the success for the first FuturePrint Virtual Summit, October brings five more days of topic-specific education that every printer will want to review. Just about every topic in print gets a look during the week, with deep dives into the traditional printing arts and the emerging printing sciences. Read More

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Thomas Printworks: from Business Cards to Buildings 🔒

Thomas Printworks is a different kind of printing company that takes an unusual perspective on print markets. While many companies categorize themselves as a particular type of printer, direct mail, commercial books, etc., Thomas Printworks looks at the customers they want to capture and how to do the most for those customers. In terms of printing applications and technology, they simply look at large format and “small format.” This article discusses the digital print portfolio the company uses to deliver solutions of all sizes to a wide range of customers and what they have learned from investing in inkjet. Read More

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COVID and the Message that Cried Wolf

With full color production inkjet, advanced composition, and customer facing message management tools readily available, sophisticated variable messaging is not a technical challenge. The problem is that companies have been teaching their customers to ignore the message areas for years, and now they need them to pay attention. Read More


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