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Five Things to Do (Better) When Evaluating Inkjet

According to research published in the Harvard Business Review, 97% of senior leaders said that “being strategic” was the leadership behavior most important to their organization’s success. However, a lot of executives don't feel that they have time to be strategic. Inkjet purchases are a case excample where strategic intent is often marred by tactical execution. We can do better! Read More

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Mary’s Wish List: Scanner to Replicate 3D Textured Objects

One of the fastest-growing applications in wide-format and industrial printing is textures, and while a lot has been written about how these kinds of materials are printed, typically using UV flatbed wide-format printers, not much has been said about the front end of the required process when developing inkjet imaged home décor such as flooring and window covering. Read More

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Inkjet the USPS and Getting Ready for 2020

Offering new ideas to your organization while leveraging the USPS promotions may set the stage for positive change in 2020. Using inkjet platforms to enable print mail operations to enhance the usefulness of mail and take advantage of the various USPS promotions, while delivering value to consumers and postage savings to their organizations. A win, win, win. Read More


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