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Does your customer require their web presence in synch with your CMYK print design?  Go to ConvertaColor and enter any HEX, RGB, or HSL value and hold the ALT key (Option key on Mac) and click. Your screen will change color to simulate the color.
Since your monitor uses the RGB color space utilizing Hue, Saturation and Lightness values, does too, giving you RGB and HSL values to adjust to the closest match.

Not all RGB values will be a perfect on screen match the first time, but you can find a closer HEX web value match by tweaking these different values. Start with RGB then tweak the values until close to the target, then adjust the HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) to home-in on a visual match to the printed sample. The final screen color will also show the CMYK value if you apply web images created in that color space.

Before any matching, always calibrate your monitor. But, remember… not all monitors, phones, or tablets will show the same color and users calibration habits may not follow best practices.

If you ALT+Click 2x, you get random colors which complement or accent the color previously on screen. Definitely a fun way to find new colors to use for your web designs.
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Mary Schilling writes about technical inkjet industry articles, provides RIP and workflow training, manages print quality analysis evaluation, ink management and color management for OEM’s and end users for pre and post machine installs. Mary Schilling consults with paper mills, fluid and inkjet machinery suppliers on how to improve color and print quality for high speed and industrial inkjet involving paper, plastics, metal, fabric and glass with UV and aqueous inkjet fluids. This experience led her to receive Innovator of the Year awards from the Flexographic Technical Association and from Xplor International for her efforts in closing the gap between inkjet printing for document, and digital corrugated packaging. She is the owner of Schilling Inkjet Consulting, Published Author and Certified ColorGate Color Trainer and Distributor. Her latest published works can be found


  1. This tool could be misleading as there is m=no ICC profile referenced for RGB and CMYK conversions. In the case of RGB, I would assume it using the monitor profile which would give very different RGB values the the sRGB required for the web. CMYK, well that seems totally undefined and dangerous.

  2. Author

    I am connecting with the programmer and asking this question. My take on it was the color on screen which is rgb is just converting using the color monitor profile just making the color options for visual web colors and in no way printing but a visual representation for screen projects. checking with him to see what conversion calculation he is using. stay tuned

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