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Top industry analysts combined their resources, creativity and brainpower to take a deeper dive into the world of production inkjet. News is everywhere — hands on experience is hard to find.


Elizabeth Gooding

Inkjet Economics
RFP Management
Software Factors
Sales Insight
Segment Analysis
Target Verticals


Mary Schilling

Print Quality Analysis
Paper Reporting
Color Management
Device Tuning Tips
Design Tools
File Optimization


Adam Dewitz

Product Development
Digital Transformation
Technology Operations
Software Development




Mark Bale

Mark Bale is a leading inkjet expert offering laboratory services, technical consulting and training on industrialized manufacturing applications of inkjet technology. Specializing in piezoelectric drop-on-demand technologies, Mark focuses on print head testing, waveform optimization, and print prototyping materials to support the client’s R&D efforts in fields as diverse as packaging, electronics, apparel, and DNA printing. You can reach Mark at DoDxAct Limited.

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Pete Basiliere

Pete provides research-based insights on 3D printing and digital-printing hardware, software and materials, best practices, go-to-market strategies and technology trends to technology providers and users.

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image of nessan cleary

Nessan Cleary

Nessan Cleary is an independent journalist who has specialized in covering the printing industry over the last 25 years. He is based in the UK and publishes the Printing and Manufacturing Journal. You can learn more about him  at nessancleary.com.

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Pat McGrew

Pat is a well-known evangelist for inkjet productivity. At McGrew Group, she uses her decades technical and marketing experience to lead the industry toward optimized business processes and production workflows. She has helped companies to define their five-year plans, audited workflow processes, and developed sales team interventions and education programs. Pat is the Co-Author of 8 industry books, editor of A Guide to the Electronic Document Body of Knowledge, and a regular contributor to Inkjet Insight and WhatTheyThink.com. You can reach Pat at McGrewGroup

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Lois Ritarossi

Lois Ritarossi, CMC®, is the President of High Rock Strategies, a consulting firm focused on sales and marketing strategies, and business growth for firms in the print, mail and communication sectors. Lois brings her clients a cross functional skill set and strategic thinking with disciplines in business strategy, sales process, sales training, marketing, software implementation, inkjet transformation and workflow optimization. You can reach Lois at HighRockStrategies.com

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Ralf Schlözer

Ralf Schlozer is an Independent Print Analyst and writer covering the European inkjet market for InkjetInsight.com. Ralf provides analysis, market sizing and forecasting  for digital printing technologies and associated applications and business processes through digitalprintexpert based in Berlin, Germany

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Kelly Lawrence

Kelly Lawrence is a recognized business growth expert and the Founder and CEO of Lawrence Innovation, LLC, a business growth advisory. Kelly’s clients learn the process, insights, strategy and tactics to deliver new business results through innovation. Kelly helps clients win in new markets, develop and launch new technologies, products and services and establish new business models that generate sustainable profitability. Kelly has served the print industry for over 20 years – first as print specifier with Fortune Brands' Moen, and later as a print innovator with Berkshire Hathaway's Lubrizol. Lawrence now serves the print industry as a contributor to Inkjet Insight and an Associate Consultant with Smithers. Connect with Kelly on LinkedIn.

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Manufacturers are spending over a billion dollars US per year on research and development related to production inkjet technology. Every year there are more manufacturers entering the market, more devices offered by each manufacturer and more options available for each device. At the end of the day, the challenge is to choose the right tool for the job.

But that’s not the end of the story, because when you can completely change the way you put ink on paper – what is the job? Do you keep doing what you do – or do you strive for something better, something more sustainable, something more profitable?

Imagining the possibilities and informing new realities in the printing business is what Inkjet Insight is all about.

We provide information and tools to help companies evaluate the potential of inkjet for their business, optimize their operations and grow their businesses using production inkjet.

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