Color Shift Happens

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Have you ever received a pdf file which called for bright red or a blue shade, but didn’t print correctly with colors visually different from what the customer was targeting? Shift can happen from paper to paper or from device to device. It can even happen to the same color printed in different areas on the same page in certain conditions. Color shift is any change which is unexpected and doesn’t meet customer expectations.

The Value in OEM Inkjet Inks

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Have you ever wondered why it is difficult to find 3rd party ink suppliers for production inkjet devices? Mark Bale discusses the pros and cons of OEM supplied inkjet inks versus 3rd party and the key questions to ask if considering working with 3rd-party ink developers.

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What You Don’t Know About Print Volumes and Inkjet

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If you want to make good decisions about inkjet, you need to take a long hard look at your entire book of business. This post discusses the common issues that arise when decisions are made without proper analysis of all of a company’s print volume – whether they think it can transition to inkjet or not.