Featured image for “Sheri Jammallo on Designer’s Guide to a New Generation of Inkjet – Video”
September 16, 2022

Sheri Jammallo on Designer’s Guide to a New Generation of Inkjet – Video

Attendees at thINK Ahead 2022 back in July got a sneak peak of the latest in the Designer’s Guide series. I met with Sheri Jammallo at the event to review the early copies of the book.
Featured image for “How to Build Sustainability into Your Strategy – Part 1”
April 20, 2022

How to Build Sustainability into Your Strategy – Part 1

In the print industry, sustainability is often equated with the creation, use, and recycling of substrates, but there are many other elements to consider.
Featured image for “Wild Workflow Learnings of 2021”
January 5, 2022

Wild Workflow Learnings of 2021

During 2021 we have seen interest in workflow automation grow from several directions.
Featured image for “Solving Haunted Workflows – Part 2”
November 3, 2021

Solving Haunted Workflows – Part 2

A belated but still spooky mystery solved – Pat McGrew and her mystery machine meddle to solve your haunted workflows.
Featured image for “Solving Haunted Workflows – Part 1”
October 13, 2021

Solving Haunted Workflows – Part 1

Catch incorrect specifications before they become a major issue in your workflow – Pat McGrew tells us how.
Featured image for “Rightsizing Resources: People, Processes, Technologies”
July 20, 2021

Rightsizing Resources: People, Processes, Technologies

Efficiency happens when people are working effectively, processes are as automated as possible, and the right technology is applied to each task and touchpoint.
Featured image for “Inkjet Ganging and Imposition Explained – Replay”
April 13, 2021

Inkjet Ganging and Imposition Explained – Replay

Inkjet Ganging and Imposition Explained will help you learn about the tools available, why the matter and how they can help your business grow. Join Pat McGrew and Elizabeth Gooding Tuesday April 13 at 1 p.m. ET
Featured image for “Design Workflow Matters for Folding Carton”
March 3, 2021

Design Workflow Matters for Folding Carton

Inkjet brings many options for folding carton production, but take the time to ensure that you don’t create bottlenecks in the workflow with overweight PDF files.
Featured image for “Ganging & Nesting – The Efficiency Puzzle!”
October 7, 2020

Ganging & Nesting – The Efficiency Puzzle!

Grouping and nesting jobs can drive tremendous efficiencies in an inkjet environment. Pat McGrew explains best practices and where to look for solutions.
Featured image for “No Automation? Rules for Managing Manual Workflows”
July 29, 2020

No Automation? Rules for Managing Manual Workflows

If end-to-end automation is not for you at this time, what can you do to optimize your efficiency? You can still look at the path of work through your shop and make a note of each stop it makes.
Featured image for “ColorGATE Announces New Solutions & Services”
July 1, 2020

ColorGATE Announces New Solutions & Services

ColorGATE, a leading vendor of powerful software and hardware solutions for color critical digital printing applications, has announced the release of three new solutions and services: Productionserver 20, ColorGATE Custom Create, and Color Management Services.
Featured image for “HYBRID Software formula for success: F ~ i4.0 * C-squared”
June 16, 2020

HYBRID Software formula for success: F ~ i4.0 * C-squared

HYBRID Software has introduced a number of new revolutionary features to its product line of automated production workflow, advanced editing, customizable job ticketing, customer-facing e-commerce portals and version control for critical production files.
Featured image for “New Inkjet Applications and Efficiencies for In-Plants”
October 10, 2019

New Inkjet Applications and Efficiencies for In-Plants

Many in-plants justified investment in inkjet platforms based on three criteria: reduced cost of running inkjet over older print devices, increased speed, throughput, and the elimination of pre-printed shells. However, newer inkjet technologies from several manufacturers have improved image quality and substrate flexibility opening up a range of new opportunities and continuing to drive efficiency improvements.
Featured image for “Three Ways to Be a Successful Inkjet Printing Company”
August 13, 2019

Three Ways to Be a Successful Inkjet Printing Company

There are three things that will move the needle toward success with inkjet printing. Companies who are adopting production inkjet would do well to take stock of their current status across these vectors.
May 2, 2019

Inkjet Designers: Think Before you Click

There’s more at stake than pretty print – files that are inefficient, or just plain bad cost a lot of people time and money. Designing for inkjet comes with great responsibility – are you ready? Or should we find you a radioactive spider?
Featured image for “Put Data to Work – Video”
May 1, 2019

Put Data to Work – Video

There’s more to using data in an inkjet environment than personalization, versioning, security and augmented reality– although those are all great uses. Data can be used to drive quality, efficiency, revenue and profit. Elizabeth Gooding talks (fast) about some of the best ways to put data to work.
Featured image for “Accept Your Workflow Limits”
March 12, 2019

Accept Your Workflow Limits

Few companies have embraced the concept that production workflow in a competitive organization is something that needs to be continuously improved. Only when we understand and accept the limits of our workflow can we be cognizant of ways to improve it.
Featured image for “Measuring the Capacity of Your Inkjet Workflow – Part 2”
September 18, 2018

Measuring the Capacity of Your Inkjet Workflow – Part 2

Managing your workflow resources, understanding potential bottlenecks and the corresponding job attributes that will trigger them is essential to meeting SLA performance expectations in an inkjet environment. Tim Cooper of NCP Solutions, an OSG Company, provides expert insight on identifying constraints and measuring for success.
Featured image for “Inkjet Book Publishing Workflow – Video”
April 16, 2018

Inkjet Book Publishing Workflow – Video

Elizabeth Gooding interviews Martin Aalsma, VP with King Printing, about his experience developing efficient workflows for inkjet printed books.
Featured image for “Business Case Calculator for Software”
April 11, 2018

Business Case Calculator for Software

A very simple tool to allow you do do some “what if” analysis on how improvements in uptime, minimizing paper changes and other seemingly minimal improvements can impact your revenue over the course of the year. It adds up!

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