Featured image for “Fujifilm Dimatix Advancing the middle ground with SkyFire”
June 6, 2024

Fujifilm Dimatix Advancing the middle ground with SkyFire

See how far can you throw and go with the new SkyFire printhead
Featured image for “Revisiting the Samba printhead”
April 18, 2024

Revisiting the Samba printhead

A deep dive into Fujfilm’s Samba printhead, the technologies behind it and the variations that have been spawned during its 10 year history.
Featured image for “Inside Fujifilm’s bet on MEMs ”
March 20, 2024

Inside Fujifilm’s bet on MEMs 

Fujifilm has been quietly upgrading its Dimatix manufacturing plant. Here’s how the MEMs manufacturing process works, and what it means for Samba printheads.
Featured image for “Inkjet, Ceramic Tiles, History, and Interior Design”
February 8, 2024

Inkjet, Ceramic Tiles, History, and Interior Design

Learn how developments in industrial inkjet printheads paved the way for digital printing on ceramics.
Featured image for “Gallus, a journey in Inkjet print”
October 17, 2023

Gallus, a journey in Inkjet print

A Gallus centennial celebration at the new customer experience center and introduction to the Gallus One inkjet label press
Featured image for “The Continuing Evolution of Industrial Printheads”
April 27, 2023

The Continuing Evolution of Industrial Printheads

Printhead manufacturing has continued to evolve to enable what is needed to tackle a growing range of printing and deposition applications. Learn about the latest entrants and capabilities in industrial inkjet.
Featured image for “Fujifilm Acquiring Unigraphica”
July 20, 2022

Fujifilm Acquiring Unigraphica

With Fujifilm acquiring Unigraphica AG the company is setting their eyes on becoming a leading provider of inkjet integration services based on the technology developed by Fujifilm and the expertise of Unigraphica in bespoke inkjet solutions.
Featured image for “Research Report: The Inkjet Supply Chain for Custom Systems Development”
October 28, 2021

Research Report: The Inkjet Supply Chain for Custom Systems Development

Download our latest research on custom inkjet development from the perspective of integration component suppliers and service providers.
Featured image for “FUJIFILM’s Best-Kept Inkjet Secret – Video”
July 13, 2021

FUJIFILM’s Best-Kept Inkjet Secret – Video

Elizabeth Gooding speaks with Steve Atherton, Sr. Manager of Product Management and Marketing for FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solution about their capabilities, supporting products, and plans to expand market awareness.
Featured image for “FUJIFILM Dimatix Launches New Samba Cartridge”
April 5, 2021

FUJIFILM Dimatix Launches New Samba Cartridge

Intended for Use with the Dimatix Materials Printer
Featured image for “Marco Boer on Inkjet Print Head Technologies – Video”
October 4, 2017

Marco Boer on Inkjet Print Head Technologies – Video

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