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July 18, 2023

All Things to All People…

One press is like dating. Multiple processes is married with children. Mike Todryk shares his inkjet experience.
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July 21, 2020

Educating About Color Quality Across Your Organization

Where is the greatest need for color education? With the advent of easily accessible desktop publishing tools like InDesign and Photoshop, large numbers of people are creating print pieces without a lot (or even any) of the formal training and understanding of color that was required of print professionals in the past.
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May 5, 2020

Shift Happens- Aligning Color Targets

When working to align color from design to print or printer to printer, ensuring the entire process is targeting the same color space is important. When we target a color
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July 22, 2019

Help Customers Match Inkjet Colors Online

Does your customer want their web presence in synch with your CMYK print design?
January 22, 2019

Shift Happens… Understanding Aqueous Ink Chemistry

Welcome to the latest post in the “Shift Happens” series. In this post, we will focus on aqueous ink chemistry and factors affecting color shift. Knowing the type of ink and understanding its chemistry is just as important as understanding how it reacts to your surface conditions. Find out why.
July 31, 2018

Managing Color in Crayon Space

John Seymour joins Inkjet Insight for part one of a series discussing color management using crayons as a guide.  Part one poses the challenging of creating a linear organization of a non-linear concept.

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