Featured image for “Tortured Paper Tortures Finishing – Video”
October 23, 2018

Tortured Paper Tortures Finishing – Video

Mark Hunt of Standard Finishing talks about the many ways that inkjet printing poses challenges for finishing vendors and how those challenges can be overcome. Over drying, not dry enough, curl and static are just a few of the fun facts of high-speed inkjet printing.
Featured image for “Highnote’s Inkjet Journey – Video”
October 16, 2018

Highnote’s Inkjet Journey – Video

Jennifer Eberle of Highnote discusses their recent conversion from toner to sheet-fed inkjet. Highnote produces a wide range of products including direct mail, brand collateral and signage. She has a great story to tell about how quickly the system was up and running, their ability to immediately convert volume to the device – they had added a second shift within the first few months – and the potential they see for moving into new markets. Spoiler alert, Jennifer is a big fan of Canon and the VarioStream 1300.
Featured image for “How Xerox Grows Inkjet Pages – Video”
October 10, 2018

How Xerox Grows Inkjet Pages – Video

Steve Welkley discusses the approach that Xerox has taken to help customers utilize and optimize the capacity of their production inkjet devices and grow inkjet pages.
Featured image for “Inkjet Software and Services – Ed Jansen – Video”
October 9, 2018

Inkjet Software and Services – Ed Jansen – Video

Ed Jansen discusses customer requirements, professional services, software and support needs of inkjet installations. The goal? “Repeatable results, fewest possible human touches and operational efficiency.” Sponsored content.
Featured image for “Inkjet and Offset Magazine at PRINT ’18”
October 2, 2018

Inkjet and Offset Magazine at PRINT ’18

In this video Elizabeth Gooding shows the event magazine developed by WhatTheyThink and Printing News and the trend toward inkjet compatibility with offset grades.
Featured image for “Guy Broadhurst on Paper Handling Considerations”
September 21, 2018

Guy Broadhurst on Paper Handling Considerations

Guy Broadhurst, Vice President Technology and Client Solutions with Canon Solutions Americas provides an OEM and device-independent discussion of trade-offs roll-fed and sheet-fed inkjet options.
Featured image for “Are User Groups More Important Than Trade Shows? – Video”
September 13, 2018

Are User Groups More Important Than Trade Shows? – Video

Marco Boer of I.T. Strategies provides and overview of the 2018 thINK conference and his thoughts on the importance of user communities for production inkjet users.
Featured image for “We’re Back! Designer’s Guide 2.0 – Video”
September 10, 2018

We’re Back! Designer’s Guide 2.0 – Video

The 2nd Edition of The Designer’s Guide to Inkjet was released at thINKforum 2018 and the authors were there to talk about why educating designers is more important than ever and what is new in the updated guide.
Featured image for “Paper Options Drive Press Choices – Video”
September 4, 2018

Paper Options Drive Press Choices – Video

Crit Driessen, Vice President Strategy and Alliances with Océ talks about the fundamental questions to ask when selecting a press.
Featured image for “Digital Productivity for Labels – Video”
August 21, 2018

Digital Productivity for Labels – Video

Inkjet is a complement to toner and flexo in the label market according to Marco Boer of I.T. Strategies. Marco discusses the relative productivity, ownership cost and simplicity of inkjet for labels and takes a skeptical look at label personalization. When it comes to justifying inkjet for labels, think “burst volumes.”
Featured image for “Evaluating Inkjet and Finishing”
August 14, 2018

Evaluating Inkjet and Finishing

Mark Hunt of Standard Finishing encourages companies evaluating inkjet presses to look at the full process from back to front to ensure compatibility.
Featured image for “Making Inkjet Accessible – Video”
August 9, 2018

Making Inkjet Accessible – Video

Steve Welkley discusses the approach that Xerox has taken to make production inkjet accessible to a wider range of companies.
Featured image for “The Value of “Other” for Inkjet – Video”
August 2, 2018

The Value of “Other” for Inkjet – Video

Marco Boer discusses the components of the “Other” category within I.T. Strategies’ research reports and why they are some of the most valuable pages for inkjet production.
Featured image for “i3logix Inkjet Journey – Video”
July 25, 2018

i3logix Inkjet Journey – Video

Steve Wolffis of i3Logix shares his experience with moving from a toner-based web to an inkjet web that doubled their color capacity, improved color quality and reduced costs.
Featured image for “Inkjet as Part of a Portfolio – Video”
July 19, 2018

Inkjet as Part of a Portfolio – Video

Steve Welkley discusses opportunities for Inkjet as part of an overall production portfolio that takes advantage of the best that each platform has to offer.
Featured image for “Primer, Super Ink or Door Number 3? – Video”
July 9, 2018

Primer, Super Ink or Door Number 3? – Video

Eric Wiesner, General Manager of HP PageWide Industrial Division provides background on HP’s decision to expand the range of media compatibility for HP devices using a pre-coat or primer rather than adding additional solvents, resins and other chemistry to the ink.
Featured image for “Marco Boer on the Océ LabelStream 4000 – Video”
June 14, 2018

Marco Boer on the Océ LabelStream 4000 – Video

We caught up with Marco Boer at the unveiling of the Océ LabelStream 4000. Canon is entering the label and packaging market with a high-end, hybrid system targeting adhesive label applications. Marco provides a great overview of what was learned in Germany.
Featured image for “Evaluating Devices – HP Perspective – Video”
June 5, 2018

Evaluating Devices – HP Perspective – Video

Elizabeth asked David Murphy of HP PageWide Industrial what he thought customers should be considering and his first response was to say that customers should be taking a long term view – multiple years out. He said customers should be thinking in terms of the ability for the device to remain relevant as inkjet continues to evolve.
Featured image for “Niche Book Markets – Xerox Perspective – Video”
May 14, 2018

Niche Book Markets – Xerox Perspective – Video

This week, Steve Welkley, Vice President Production Inkjet Sales with Xerox, shares his perspective on some niche areas of the book publishing sector that he feels are a great fit
Featured image for “HP Drying Options and Tradeoffs – Video”
May 7, 2018

HP Drying Options and Tradeoffs – Video

Eric Weisner, General Manager of HP PageWide Industrial Division on the drying options HP offers with their production inkjet line-up and the  speed, coverage and cost trade-offs to consider.

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