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Evaluating Devices – HP Perspective – Video

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I’m always interested in the perspective of different OEM execs on how they think prospective customers should be evaluating inkjet presses. A lot of times I get answers that focus on particular press capabilities, or the concentration of service personnel in the region – basically, responses that talk about the particular OEM capabilities. I asked David Murphy of HP PageWide Industrial what he thought customers should be considering and his first response was to say that customers should be taking a long term view – multiple years out. He said customers should be thinking in terms of the ability for the device to remain relevant as inkjet continues to evolve. I think that’s important, but it can also be challenging as new devices are emerging and also as upgrades for existing devices are being offered with increasing frequency. Upgrades can be both a blessing and a curse. Upgrades are less expensive than a new device – but some are still pretty darn expensive. Let us know what you think.

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We try to meet with as many inkjet executives as we can to discuss their inkjet roadmap and drill down on specific capabilities. For more on the confusing world of inkjet press evaluation have a listen to Marco Boer on comparing press specs. If you are enjoying this information and would like to see more, contact us or comment on the post with ideas. Something we would do better? We’d like to hear about that too.

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