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Meteor Drives Ricoh TH5241 Printhead

By Nessan Cleary / Published:

Meteor Inkjet has developed drive electronics and software to support Ricoh’s TH5241 printhead. Nessan Cleary spoke with with Jonathan Wilson of Meteor about what that support means for the main target markets.

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Nozzle Correction for Image Quality

By Mark Bale / Published:

Since inkjet printing uses arrays of nozzles to precisely jet ink, the effect of blocked or deviating nozzles is one of the biggest barriers to quality. Learn how different systems approach the problem.

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Inkjet in Décor Print

By Ralf Schlozer / Published:

No surprise that décor printers are looking into digital print processes to better serve today’s markets. Inkjet is going to play a key role as the technology best suited for the various markets.