Featured image for “Evergreen Packaging Releases TruSpec® Coated Inkjet Papers Featuring HP ColorPRO Technology”
June 1, 2020

Evergreen Packaging Releases TruSpec® Coated Inkjet Papers Featuring HP ColorPRO Technology

Evergreen Packaging® today announced the release of TruSpec® Inkjet Book with ColorPRO Technology, a new digital coated matte paper developed in conjunction with HP. Evergreen is the only North American coated paper producer utilizing cutting edge HP ColorPRO technology. Learn more about Evergreen Packaging and HP during Inkjet Innovation Week beginning June 15.
Featured image for “Designer Opportunities: Prepare for New Markets in Inkjet”
April 15, 2020

Designer Opportunities: Prepare for New Markets in Inkjet

Mary Schilling provides an overview of the growing range of opportunities available to designers who understand the capabilities and constraints of inkjet printing.
Featured image for “Designers Are You Ready for Industrial Inkjet?”
December 17, 2019

Designers Are You Ready for Industrial Inkjet?

Inkjet is everywhere. Inkjet technology is moving fast; leveraging new fluids and creative chemistries to print on new and challenging substrates. More substrate compatibility has opened exciting markets within manufacturing
Featured image for “Industrial Print at InPrint 2019 – not your usual trade show”
November 14, 2019

Industrial Print at InPrint 2019 – not your usual trade show

Ralf Schlözer provides an overview of key technology launches this week at InPrint Munich as well as insight into why this event is different and valuable.
Featured image for “Soft Touch Effects- Adding Emotion to Inkjet”
November 13, 2019

Soft Touch Effects- Adding Emotion to Inkjet

Adding a tactile differentiator like soft-touch to inkjet pages is the simplest way to gain attention and make inkjet print stand out. Learn about options for different applications and the potential benefits beyond haptic response.
Featured image for “Personalization at Scale”
September 26, 2019

Personalization at Scale

Customization and personalization is now happening throughout the supply chain. Data on customer buying preferences – what, where and how they buy – is driving change in inventory management, distribution, product design and marketing.
Featured image for “A Market Map Puts Everything in Perspective”
March 14, 2019

A Market Map Puts Everything in Perspective

Inkjet Insight maps out I.T. Strategies North American print volume data to explore opportunities for production inkjet technologies. The map looks packaging, publishing, and document application categories. Production inkjet has been successful with applications that have light ink coverage printed on uncoated stocks … namely, transactional, direct mail, and some book applications. Many of these applications were converted from high-speed roll-fed toner devices and inkjet provided economic and process benefits and by adding color. Inkjet also provided the ability to add value to printed pages. It’s useful to look at the entire market to help put this area of success in perspective and to think about the requirements for expanding adoption.
June 7, 2018

Potential for Inkjet in Packaging

The package printing climate is changing, and waves of new technology are breaking on the shores of short-run work, but the packaging mainland is mostly unaffected so far. Chris Lynn offers insights on the packaging market for inkjet.
Featured image for “EFI Inkjet Innovation in New Hampshire”
May 10, 2018

EFI Inkjet Innovation in New Hampshire

This week I had the opportunity to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new 225,000 square foot EFI innovation center in Londonderry New Hampshire. In his opening remarks Guy Gecht, CEO of EFI said “the future of packaging is inkjet printing” and based on EFI’s massive investment in this very impressive facility, they are ready to meet demand.
March 20, 2018

Screening Software Drives Inkjet Quality

David Zwang joins us for an initial look at an interesting new screening software development that significantly improves the quality of inkjet imaging. The software referenced is only available as an option from an OEM as part of their RIP, or as a component in a custom-developed (bespoke) hybrid inkjet printing solution.

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