Featured image for “COVID and the Message that Cried Wolf”
September 16, 2020

COVID and the Message that Cried Wolf

With full color production inkjet, advanced composition, and customer facing message management tools readily available, sophisticated variable messaging is not a technical challenge. The problem is that companies have been teaching their customers to ignore the message areas for years, and now they need them to pay attention.
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May 6, 2020

The New Normal and Inkjet Printing

Every business innovates, solves problems and employs people. We are resilient and COVID-19 will not change that fact. Nevertheless, recovery from the pandemic will be highly irregular and uneven, requiring frequent pivots as the fluid print marketplace evolves to a new normal.
Featured image for “Spreading Smiles Not Cooties”
May 4, 2020

Spreading Smiles Not Cooties

I now understand, why my dog is so excited to go outside or for car rides. Lately, I feel the same way. But wearing my custom mask helps me know I am protecting myself and others while bringing smiles in these changing times.
Featured image for “Putting the Pieces Together”
April 22, 2020

Putting the Pieces Together

Roger Serrette the Customer Experience Center Director for Ricoh USA shares with us how he is managing in quaratine.
Featured image for “Working with Virtual Support When Everything is on Lockdown”
April 22, 2020

Working with Virtual Support When Everything is on Lockdown

When that reliable, friendly face is no longer sitting in their office on your site, can’t travel, or is less available on the phone, what options do you have for getting the support you need? Ask your vendors about virtual support! It takes many forms. You may already be using some form of it, but make sure you are taking advantage of every option. 
Featured image for “Communicating Vital Information”
April 21, 2020

Communicating Vital Information

Whether it is a website, email or direct mail campaign, catalog or postcard, always design with a purpose. Every word, color, font and material should have a purpose and intent.  They need to communicate your message. This is what separates good design from bad.
Featured image for “Global Strategy from my Living Room – Kevin Shimamoto”
April 20, 2020

Global Strategy from my Living Room – Kevin Shimamoto

As the first members of the Inkjet Insight team began to shelter in place due to COVID-19, I asked them to share their personal stories. In our series “Profiles in
Featured image for “Label Production Delays—Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That”
April 16, 2020

Label Production Delays—Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

There is no time for delays in the ever-evolving COVID-19 world, especially when it comes to printing labels with important health and safety information. Digital and inkjet processes have provided a process which high speed and on demand labels can be produced without any delays in film or platemaking.

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