Featured image for “Inkjet, Partnerships, and Joint Development Agreements”
May 16, 2024

Inkjet, Partnerships, and Joint Development Agreements

With Drupa on the horizon and the impending unveiling of new inkjet innovations, this article digs in to how solutions can be created through partnerships. We’ll look at when partnering makes sense, consideration before entering into a Joint Development Agreement and some examples of recent Inkjet industry partnerships.
Featured image for “The Future of AI In Packaging”
April 16, 2024

The Future of AI In Packaging

Artificial Intelligence will impact the packaging business from design all the way to the supply chain and recycling. Get tips on planning for your packaging future.
Featured image for “Italian printer PrintSprint rises to technological and economic challenges”
October 5, 2023

Italian printer PrintSprint rises to technological and economic challenges

A small, yet diversified printing company makes strategic investments that drive growth and insulation from risk.

Featured image for “Adding sustainability to your inkjet story”
May 9, 2023

Adding sustainability to your inkjet story

There are good reasons to add a sustainability tier to your inkjet story. Your customers may be asking about the actions you take to be a company that embraces sustainable practices. You may be asked to define your practices as part of a Request for Quote response. No matter your reason for investigating how to add sustainability for your story, here are some ways to proceed.
Featured image for “Integrating the Language of Sustainability”
April 19, 2023

Integrating the Language of Sustainability

If your customers are asking about your sustainability strategy, how do you respond? How do you figure out what they are asking? There is an answer! Using the jargon reference built by the UN Global Compact for their Sustainability Development Goals you can sync to the global talk track, lift your visibility, and help your customers do the same!
Featured image for “We need to talk about . . . aluminium [or aluminum]”
October 13, 2022

We need to talk about . . . aluminium [or aluminum]

Aluminium, or aluminum, has the potential to tip the sustainability balance between offset and inkjet technologies. Sean Smyth digs into the evidence.
Featured image for “Screen to Unveil New Inkjet Press Prototype at FachPack 2022”
September 26, 2022

Screen to Unveil New Inkjet Press Prototype at FachPack 2022

Screen to unveil a prototype of its new Truepress PAC520P high-speed, inkjet printing system at FachPack 2022 tomorrow in Nuremberg, Germany.
Featured image for “What’s in YOUR Disaster Recovery Agreements?”
August 17, 2022

What’s in YOUR Disaster Recovery Agreements?

Understand the agreements you have, review them with your legal counsel and vendors so that everyone is on the same page. Disasters don’t appear by appointment!
Featured image for “How to Build Sustainability into Your Strategy – Part 2”
April 27, 2022

How to Build Sustainability into Your Strategy – Part 2

Inkjet printing and marking technology in late-stage manufacturing has been around for decades, enabled by the integration of print modules within the manufacturing environment.
Featured image for “Invest In Our Planet”
April 21, 2022

Invest In Our Planet

For those of us who dare to dream of making our world a better place, Kelly Lawrence turned to a few sustainability experts to help us identify next steps.
Featured image for “How to Build Sustainability into Your Strategy – Part 1”
April 20, 2022

How to Build Sustainability into Your Strategy – Part 1

In the print industry, sustainability is often equated with the creation, use, and recycling of substrates, but there are many other elements to consider.
Featured image for “Is Inkjet Environmentally Unfriendly?”
March 17, 2022

Is Inkjet Environmentally Unfriendly?

The focus on sustainability is gathering steam among consumers, print buyers and other organisations involved. The more surprising it is to see digital printing, specifically inkjet, being labelled not environmentally friendly by the Royal Mail.
Featured image for “2022 Outlook for Digitally Printed Labels”
March 9, 2022

2022 Outlook for Digitally Printed Labels

Digitally printed labels continues to be a growing market for inkjet. To dig into the potential for inkjet in the label market, we interviewed industry experts Catherine Heckman, President of the Tag and Label Manufacturers Association (TLMI); Paul Lender, of Avery Dennison and Gianluigi Rankin from Michelman.
Featured image for “Industry Leaders Talk Book Publishing & Inkjet”
January 25, 2022

Industry Leaders Talk Book Publishing & Inkjet

Industry publishing leaders Brooke Warner of She Writes Press and Kevin Spall of Scholastic share how inkjet is impacting book printing. Despite resistance to change among large publishers, inkjet and digital book volumes are growing. Paper and labor shortages have fueled digital adoption to get books to market faster.

Featured image for “What Makes an Inkjet Ink Sustainable?”
January 19, 2022

What Makes an Inkjet Ink Sustainable?

Sustainability is getting more focus, but the print industry has yet to agree on a definition. So what makes an inkjet ink sustainable? This article looks at the different parameters to be considered. Perhaps sustainability goes beyond the ink itself…
Featured image for “Going Green with Plant-Based Ink from Ricoh”
January 6, 2022

Going Green with Plant-Based Ink from Ricoh

Ricoh launched a plant-based ink, promising strong environmental benefits. The ink is available for integrators in packaging print and other markets.
Featured image for “Sustainability and Textile Printing: Driving to a More Sustainable Business Model”
November 11, 2021

Sustainability and Textile Printing: Driving to a More Sustainable Business Model

Increased scrutiny on sustainability throughout the textile supply chain has the potential to increase demand for digital textile printing. Read on for our analysis of the situation.
Featured image for “Digital Unboxing: Packaging Experiences an Innovation Collision”
October 21, 2021

Digital Unboxing: Packaging Experiences an Innovation Collision

Throughout the industry, from brand identity and messaging to converting and distribution, digital capabilities cause processes in every part of the packaging supply chain to be re-evaluated. Mary Schilling explains how the presence of digital print technology has created stellar opportunities for label, folding carton, and flexible packaging.
Featured image for “Labelling Without the Labels”
October 7, 2021

Labelling Without the Labels

New inkjet solution eliminates label stock delivering novel graphic and haptic effect while reducing plastic consumption. Part 1 of 2 from Nessan Cleary.
Featured image for “Is Pigment the Ink for Textiles?”
September 28, 2021

Is Pigment the Ink for Textiles?

A look at the growing popularity of pigment inks for textile production and the compatibility with different substrates and processes.

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