Featured image for “A Closer look at the Memjet DuraBolt Strategy”
April 26, 2023

A Closer look at the Memjet DuraBolt Strategy

Memjet’s Durabolt release offers new inkjet integration technology and a shift in strategy for the company and its role in the supply chain.
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March 14, 2023

Don’t let good business go bad

This episode of the “things to do better” series looks at the joys of customer onboarding and maintenance and why it’s so hard to get development estimates.
Featured image for “MGI AlphaJET: changing the paper transport game”
January 24, 2023

MGI AlphaJET: changing the paper transport game

The MGI AlphaJET is a B1 inkjet print, embellish and finishing press. Unique is the sheet transport relying on trays and electromagnetic linear motors. This article looks at the status of the press, the first customers and potential future developments.
Featured image for “The advent of a new year”
December 29, 2022

The advent of a new year

The team at Druckerei Kyburz AG has shared a video of their Advent calendar running through autowinder, press and finishing to deliver 100% Digital, 100% Inline support for customer innovation.
Featured image for “Ricoh Pro Z75 live from Tokyo”
December 20, 2022

Ricoh Pro Z75 live from Tokyo

After several years of talking about it, Ricoh has finally got around to showing off its new B2 sheetfed inkjet press at the recent IGAS show in Tokyo. Nessan Cleary reports.
Featured image for “Sales people are a valuable resource”
December 14, 2022

Sales people are a valuable resource

Remove barriers, build trust and optimize your sales force to sell profitable products and services.
Featured image for “Seven years of inkjet profiling”
December 7, 2022

Seven years of inkjet profiling

Settle in as we review nearly a decade of inkjet profiling with Canon, Screen and HP at IWCO Direct.
Featured image for “November 2022 Inkjet Installation Roundup”
December 1, 2022

November 2022 Inkjet Installation Roundup

The fourth quarter momentum is growing. In October we covered 17 press installations at 16 companies and in November 19 presses at 17 companies. The bulk of the activity reported is in the US (12 presses) but also saw four in the EU, two in the UK, and one in Thailand.
Featured image for “Wide Format Applications that Cross the Chasm”
November 30, 2022

Wide Format Applications that Cross the Chasm

No matter what size or style production inkjet machine you have, if you want to expand your revenue streams into wide format, what you have may get you there.
Featured image for “You’re Invited to a Colorful Friendsgiving”
November 21, 2022

You’re Invited to a Colorful Friendsgiving

Mary has a free color resource for her friends. Please register (for free) to download .ase files.
Featured image for “The Ricoh Pro Z75 B2 Inkjet Goes Into Beta”
November 10, 2022

The Ricoh Pro Z75 B2 Inkjet Goes Into Beta

Even with Ricoh’s background in inkjet and cutsheet digital toner press manufacturing, developing a reliable larger format cutsheet industrial press takes a lot of research, testing, and time. With the Ricoh Pro Z75, this new B2+ press may really be a game changer.
Featured image for “Wide Format Crossover Options in Inkjet”
November 9, 2022

Wide Format Crossover Options in Inkjet

Traditionally, we think of wide-format as the home of popular roll and sheet-fed devices that have inkjet print heads mounted on rails, scanning back and forth across the substrate to build up the image.
Featured image for “September Inkjet Installation Roundup”
October 14, 2022

September Inkjet Installation Roundup

For September, we became aware of six new inkjet installations, four in the U.S. and one each in Germany and France.
Featured image for “We need to talk about . . . aluminium [or aluminum]”
October 13, 2022

We need to talk about . . . aluminium [or aluminum]

Aluminium, or aluminum, has the potential to tip the sustainability balance between offset and inkjet technologies. Sean Smyth digs into the evidence.
Featured image for “Production Inkjet Shopping Guide 1 – Entry Level”
October 6, 2022

Production Inkjet Shopping Guide 1 – Entry Level

This guide aims at providing an overview of the main inkjet presses available for commercial and document-oriented applications. This first in a four part series of articles will focus on entry and low volume devices, the most affordable presses in the market.
Featured image for “August Inkjet Installation Roundup”
September 14, 2022

August Inkjet Installation Roundup

I think it was too hot in Europe in August for inkjet users or their OEMs to tell us what was happening. It’s also prime vacation time in a log of locations. All of our new inkjet news last month came out of North America with six installations in the US and one in Canada.
Featured image for “Reconfiguring the Inkjet Roadmap with the Right Software”
September 7, 2022

Reconfiguring the Inkjet Roadmap with the Right Software

How we work is changing dramatically. It’s the reality of doing business in 2022. Enabling all-shore processes means embracing multiple locations, various time zones, and countless individual work environments while servicing them all seamlessly.
Featured image for “Want better print quality? Just add water”
August 25, 2022

Want better print quality? Just add water

Don’t leave inkjet print quality to the mercy of moisture and heat. Learn how digital remoistening protects print quality.

Featured image for “How RICOH enhanced the Pro VC 70000 – video”
August 23, 2022

How RICOH enhanced the Pro VC 70000 – video

Elizabeth Gooding interviews Mike Herold about the introduction of the enhanced version of the RICOH Pro VC 70000. Why was pretreatment added? How does it work? Can customers upgrade? What does it cost? What’s the lead time? Will the current model continue to be supported?
Featured image for “Inkjet for Online Printers – Part II”
August 18, 2022

Inkjet for Online Printers – Part II

Part 2 of this article will look at the considerations to be made when adopting inkjet at online print and some feedback from online printers using inkjet today.

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