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What it Takes to Print Flexible Packaging

By Mark Bale / Published:

In the second of our three-part technical series on what it takes to print packaging, we focus on the challenges of flexible packaging and consider the specific ink attributes and drying considerations that explain the printers we are beginning to see in the market.

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May I Impose on You? Or is Your Gang Nesting?

By Pat McGrew / Published:

Depending on your digital device, you might need 4-up impositions or 8-up impositions – the imposition requirements are based on the page size, how many pages fit on a sheet, and the type of binding. This is where the software can be very helpful.

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Beverage Can Printing with Inkjet

By Ralf Schlozer / Published:

In a series of articles we look at inkjet printing technology in several packaging segments. Last time we had a look at the large market for folding carton print – today it is a bit more specialised: beverage can printing.