Innovations in Inkjet for Packaging – Webinar

By Inkjet Insight / Published:

The packaging market is growing and changing rapidly. Demands for greater sustainability, changes in customer buying habits, and region-specific regulatory requirements are all driving down individual batch sizes. While lithography and flexography continue to be the dominant printing processes for rigid and flexible packaging, inkjet printing is increasingly making inroads thanks to the ability to version, personalize, and deliver just-in-time orders.

Inkjet package printing technology is also becoming more interesting and accessible to a wider range of companies, from commercial printing firms adding entry-level package printing to their range of offers to large brands integrating packaging production into the product manufacturing process. Companies no longer need high volumes to get in the game, but packaging converters can find increasingly productive presses that raise the bar on quality and compatibility. What are the trends and innovations driving the market in 2024?

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