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Lois Ritarossi, CMC®, is the President of High Rock Strategies, a consulting firm focused on sales and marketing strategies, and business growth for firms in the print, mail and communication sectors. Lois brings her clients a cross functional skill set and strategic thinking with disciplines in business strategy, sales process, sales training, marketing, software implementation, inkjet transformation and workflow optimization. You can reach Lois at

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January 18, 2023

Win and save with USPS Promotions

USPS promotions that include transpromo, tactile and sensory components provide a 3-5% postage savings. With postage rates increasing twice annually, mailers and service providers can reduce postage while improving results with mail leveraging the promotions. 

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November 8, 2022

Print composition evolves in an omni-channel world

OpenText and Papyrus leading print/mail composition tools, are enhancing their products to support client migration to cloud and SaaS models for omni-channel communications. Clients are demanding product features for less technical users and a better UI. 

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October 18, 2022

Print composition evolves in an omni-channel world

Quadient and Messagepoint are investing in their UI to enable business users the ability to manage more without the need for IT. Customers are moving to centralize content to drive print and digital channels to eliminate silos of data and documents. Software firms’ customers are demanding easier API integrations with business systems. 

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September 6, 2022

Face-to-face idea sharing is where I learn best

Attending in-person conferences provides the best environment for peer learning. SMEs will share insights and stories at Xplor22 Why “Build versus Buy” May Be the Riskiest Decision You Make. And Combat Paper, Ink & Labor Challenges! ROI and Customer Stories from the Trenches. 

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July 19, 2022

Inkjet Makes Staffing Easier

PSPs have had to increase wages, benefits and recruiting strategies to fill open positions. Inkjet adoption has enabled printers to attract new and provide flexibility for customers as the industry adjusts to the paper supply challenges. Automated workflow solutions are driving growth.

Featured image for “USPS Promotions: Physical Mail Drives Digital Engagement”
March 29, 2022

USPS Promotions: Physical Mail Drives Digital Engagement

Print mail service providers are making it easier for their clients to leverage the USPS promotions with bundled services and campaign management. Clients are eager to show postal savings with rates increasing. The various promotions demonstrate mail is driving digital engagement. 

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January 25, 2022

Industry Leaders Talk Book Publishing & Inkjet

Industry publishing leaders Brooke Warner of She Writes Press and Kevin Spall of Scholastic share how inkjet is impacting book printing. Despite resistance to change among large publishers, inkjet and digital book volumes are growing. Paper and labor shortages have fueled digital adoption to get books to market faster.

Featured image for “Direct Mail ROI — Next Gen Inkjet Delivers — Part 2”
November 9, 2021

Direct Mail ROI — Next Gen Inkjet Delivers — Part 2

Darwill upgraded to the Oce ProStream 1800 with speed and improved image quality that instills confidence in the sales team. Customers are leveraging more data to drive direct mail content and ROI for omnichannel programs. Darwill is delivering faster time to market with offline finishing. 

Featured image for “Direct Mail ROI – Next Gen Inkjet Delivers – Part 1”
October 26, 2021

Direct Mail ROI – Next Gen Inkjet Delivers – Part 1

Since improving ROI for their direct marketing customers, their customers are mailing more. Prisma invested in Screen Truepress Jet520HD inkjet device with SC inks. The ability to run without pre or post coatings or inkjet treated stocks aligns with their other print technologies.
Featured image for “Paper Shortages – Partner or Perish”
September 14, 2021

Paper Shortages – Partner or Perish

Customer perspectives on paper shortages from Broadridge, Content Critical, CSG and Quad along with advice on weathering the perfect (paper) storm.
Featured image for “Why Can’t I Get My Paper?”
August 19, 2021

Why Can’t I Get My Paper?

The paper industry is experiencing a confluence of factors, a perfect storm of negative impacts. What’s a printer or procurement manager to do?
Featured image for “Two Printers. Two Processes – Part 2: BOCES”
July 15, 2021

Two Printers. Two Processes – Part 2: BOCES

Interview with New York State, Cattaraugus Allegany Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) on why inkjet and toner work well together.
Featured image for “Two Printers. Two Processes. Part 1: Quantum Group”
June 22, 2021

Two Printers. Two Processes. Part 1: Quantum Group

Do commercial print shops need more than one print process? Hear from 2 companies with a mix of technologies on why they do.
Featured image for “Ready to Future Proof your Workflow?”
June 15, 2021

Ready to Future Proof your Workflow?

How do print providers future proof their workflow and effectively manage their SLAs?
Featured image for “Print Provider Innovates with Introduction of NANOLAM Antimicrobial Media”
April 29, 2021

Print Provider Innovates with Introduction of NANOLAM Antimicrobial Media

US Print Provider teams up with scientists in Japan to develop media with long-lasting antimicrobial properties embedded in the PET substrate.
Featured image for “Book Printing: a Multi-Technology Market”
March 30, 2021

Book Printing: a Multi-Technology Market

90% of all books are still printed on offset equipment. So where exactly does inkjet play in the book printing market? Let’s find out.
Featured image for “3 Trends Driving Direct Mail ROI”
March 2, 2021

3 Trends Driving Direct Mail ROI

The evolution of programmatic and trigger based marketing mail has accelerated with inkjet. Get the proof points from Polaris Direct, Data Axle and Postalytics.
Featured image for “Making the Best-Informed Investment Decision”
February 3, 2021

Making the Best-Informed Investment Decision

Investment volatility isn’t limited to GameStop. Buying a press with shifting print volumes is nerve-wracking.
Featured image for “Healthcare In-Plants Thrive Despite the Pandemic”
January 6, 2021

Healthcare In-Plants Thrive Despite the Pandemic

Healthcare companies of all types continue to face the brunt of the pandemic. The people managing the in-plant print operations continue to respond to dynamic changes in business conditions and the need for print, signage, and mail.
Featured image for “Back to School, Back to Work, Need a Sign?”
November 3, 2020

Back to School, Back to Work, Need a Sign?

Lois Ritarossi recently interviewed three managers of in-plant print operations at school districts. They shared their stories of responding to change over the spring, summer, and the start of the new school year.

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