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Inkjet Innovation Week Covering 5 Facets of Inkjet Innovation

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Inkjet Insight announces their 2021 Inkjet Innovation Week program curating the most important inkjet advances in 5 focused topic areas. The program will provide concentrated, expert-led coverage for 90 minutes each day starting at 11:30 am ET with sessions including:

The event will be held from June 14 to June 18, 2021. This is an opportunity to interact with an all-star lineup of independent, international inkjet experts. Sessions will be focused on recent innovations, trends and product launches within their respective segments and present the information in the context of the market as a whole. Presentation materials will be augmented by links to Inkjet Insight’s Finder apps for convenient follow-on research and attendees will have access to premium Inkjet Insight content and research following the event.

“There are not a lot of articulate inkjet experts who are unaffiliated with an OEM or a component supplier in the inkjet ecosystem,” said Elizabeth Gooding, President of Inkjet Insight. “That’s why we are honored to have so many truly insightful people sharing their experience as part of the program.” Speakers include:

  • Mark Bale, Director of DoDxAct Ltd.  
  • Nessan Cleary, Editor, The Printing and Manufacturing Journal  
  • Elizabeth Gooding, President, Inkjet Insight
  • Erik Holdo, Avalon Ridge Technologies
  • Kelly Lawrence, President, Lawrence Innovation
  • Amy Machado, Research Manager, IDC
  • Pat McGrew, President and Inkjet Evangelist, McGrew Group
  • Mary Schilling, Head of Print Quality Analysis, Inkjet Insight
  • Ralf Schlözer, Independent Consultant, digitalprintexpert
  • Jeff Wettersten, President, Karstedt Partners

The goal of the event is to inform the industry on the latest inkjet technology coming to market across document, labels, packaging and industrial segments in a manner that is engaging, contextual and respectful of everyone’s time and potential for “Zoom fatigue.” “We will be setting aside time for questions and dialogue so we highly recommend attending these sessions in person,” said Mary Schilling, co-founder of Inkjet Insight. “However, we have also provided the ability for people to send questions in advance if the time, or time zone, doesn’t work for them.” Sessions will be available for viewing following the event, but only those who attend the session live will receive free, premium access to Inkjet Insight content.

Ralf Schlozer of Berlin-based digitalprintexpert said, “Inkjet Insight is unique in bringing together a group of vendor independent experts around inkjet and digital print. These pros help users make decisions on inkjet presses almost every day. In a one-week series of seminars these experts cannot only give an unbiased market overview but dive in into the details in the Q&A sessions as well.”

In addition to the live event, Inkjet Insight will be curating related articles and research on segment specific pages leading up to the event to provide a hub for each topic area. Industry suppliers are enthusiastic about the event and the coverage the program provides. “We are very happy to have the opportunity to thank several sponsors early in the process including Canon Solutions America, Colordyne Technologies, Fujifilm, Screen Americas and Solimar Systems,” said Gooding. 

The 2021 virtual Inkjet Innovation Week will inform the industry on the latest inkjet technology coming to market across document, labels, packaging and industrial segments. 

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