Sheet-fed Inkjet Innovation Comes in Many Sizes

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Sheet-fed inkjet presses include some of the least expensive and most expensive presses on the market. With different ink chemistries including aqueous, oil-based and UV as well as multiple sheet sizes it is an inkjet galaxy all to itself. This session will provide an explanation of recent innovations and new releases in the sheetfed inkjet market set in the context of the market as a whole. Join Elizabeth Gooding, Amy Machado and Ralf Schlozer to get an international perspective on:

  • Why sheet-fed inkjet engine sales have accelerated.
  • Where specific sheet-fed models excel relative to continuous models and their sheet-fed counterparts.
  • How sheet fed innovations are taking quality and productivity to the next level.

Elizabeth Gooding, Inkjet Insight
Ralf Schlozer, digitalprintexpert
Amy Machado, Research Manager, IDC

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