Slowly, Slowly then Suddenly - Inkjet for Packaging & Labels

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Mary Schilling, Inkjet Insight
Jeff Wettersten, Karstedt Partners
Kelly Lawrence, Lawrence Innovation

Packaging markets that have moved slowly with inkjet then suddenly we saw multiple new entrants in the past year across folding carton, flexible packaging and even corrugated packaging. OEMs in the label market, where inkjet has made the greatest inroads, have continued to innovate. This session reviews and explains innovations in each segment of the packaging and labels market along with findings from recent market research from Karstedt Partners.

Jeff Wettersten and Kelly Lawrence join Mary Schilling for a revealing discussion of the innovations driving opportunities in the inkjet labels and packaging market. Attendees will learn:

  • Findings on new capabilities are speeding adoption in packaging sub-segments
  • How OEMs have varied their approaches to meet customer needs
  • What is most innovative about recent press offerings
  • What’s next for the market

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