Innovations Driving Continuous Inkjet Growth

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Mary Schilling, Head of Print Quality Analysis, Inkjet Insight
Erik Holdo, President Avalon Ridge Technologies

The productivity of roll-fed (continuous feed) inkjet gained early adopters in transaction printing and direct mail even when devices only delivered “business color.” This session looks at the technical innovations that have opened up new markets for inkjet, who has them and how they work.

Go from a 10,000 foot inkjet marketscape down to the picoliter level with industry experts Mary Schilling and Erik Holdo. Attendees will learn about:

  • The challenges continuous feed inkjet presses face in penetrating quality focused markets like commercial print, direct mail and book production and in continuing to expand in transaction printing.
  • The technical innovations that are rising to meet these challenges.
  • How new presses are deploying technical innovations.

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