Industrial Inkjet and Innovative Bespoke Solutions



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Elizabeth Gooding, Inkjet Insight
Mark Bale, Director Inkjet Integration DoDxAct Ltd
Nessan Cleary, Editor, The Printing and Manufacturing Journal

There is no greater concentration of inkjet innovation than the twin topics of industrial inkjet applications and the inkjet integration market. Between the two, inkjet is reaching almost every substrate and application segment you can think of as either a press solution or part of a broader product manufacturing process.

This session will include new market research from Inkjet Insight and expert perspectives from integrator Mark Bale and analyst Nessan Cleary. Attendees will learn: 

  • How customers describe these markets and their “buy versus build” requirements
  • What innovations are expanding the array of substrate and process compatibility
  • How OEMs and component manufacturers are driving adoption
  • Which new industrial presses are deploying technical innovations

Industrial Inkjet Resources


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Featured image for “Inviting Innovation”

Inviting Innovation

International inkjet experts come together to discuss innovations driving market growth across commercial, packaging, labels and industrial segments including retrofit, hybrid and custom solutions to support product manufacturing.
Featured image for “GIS Atlas™ IQ Tools – Intelligent Software Solutions for Modern Industrial Inkjet Printers”

GIS Atlas™ IQ Tools – Intelligent Software Solutions for Modern Industrial Inkjet Printers

Simon Edwards of Global Inkjet Systems, talks about the Atlas Image Quality (IQ) tools for image optimization and system performance management.
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Fujifilm Integrated inkjet Solutions

Fujifilm, which has been developing inkjet integration projects for some years, is now making a more public play in this market to help customers add inkjet to their existing manufacturing processes through its FUJIFILM Integration Inkjet Solutions team.
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Colordyne: Inkjet Integration That Works

Consumers expect customized goods that meet their unique needs. Colordyne Inkjet bridges the gap for companies who wish to integrate inkjet technology into their printing or manufacturing systems, enabling very short-run customization.
Featured image for “Innovation Interview – Taylor Buckthorpe Colordyne Technologies”

Innovation Interview – Taylor Buckthorpe Colordyne Technologies

Colordyne has evolved from a label OEM to a multi-application platform for strategic integration partners.
Featured image for “ACME Corrugated Box and Inkjet”

ACME Corrugated Box and Inkjet

Inkjet integration journey with ACME corrugated and Digital Print Inc.
Featured image for “Bevcraft Invests in Direct-to-Can Printing”

Bevcraft Invests in Direct-to-Can Printing

The Bevcraft Group, which provides packaging solutions for the craft beverage industry, is to install a Tonejet Cyclone C4 direct-to-can digital printer – the first in the UK outside of Tonejet’s own facility.
Featured image for “FUJIFILM Dimatix Launches New Samba Cartridge”

FUJIFILM Dimatix Launches New Samba Cartridge

Intended for Use with the Dimatix Materials Printer
Featured image for “Simply Inkjet Announces SIGRA 1000 Mono Imprinting Solution”

Simply Inkjet Announces SIGRA 1000 Mono Imprinting Solution

The company partners with Colordyne and Memjet on product development.

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Colordyne ChromaPlex AP

Optimized to integrate with systems running at speeds up to 668 feet (204 m) per minute, this integration-ready inkjet print engine can be configured for wider print widths ranging from 8.5 inches (215.9 mm) up to 102 inches (2,590.9 mm). This technology offers enhancements including aqueous pigment inks for greater application flexibility and durability. More info


FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions   Your Inkjet Partner

Trust your inkjet project to an experienced partner with world-class technologies, people, and capabilities. Fujifilm is a global technology brand operating across a diverse range of consumer and B2B industries. Our capability to provide high performance inline inkjet printing systems is led by the FUJIFILM Inkjet Systems group, experienced in working with various industries to produce high-speed inkjet solutions for high-volume production processes. LEARN MORE


KODAK PROSPER Imprinting Systems. Make your traditional press digital

Our solutions enable you to combine the best of your analog printing and finishing equipment with high quality, high-speed variable capabilities. Download white paper – KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology