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By Mary Schilling / Published:

Back in 2017, Indie band OK Go, achieved a task like no other. Elaborately choreographing a 4-minute music video using 567 perfectly timed Canon inkjet desktop printers, creating a waterfall of A4 prints.

OK Go uses 567 printer make up the video background.

Click for behind the scenes video

Paper used in the video was sponsored by Thai paper company Double A, who was also a sponsor of the Canon thINK Forum 2020 held virtually last week.

Hoping for no paper jams, jet outs or banding, this merry cast of talented artists worked meticulously with Japanese creative agency Six Tokyo to create such a show.

What they call Color Mapping, is really complex programming of printers to print individual pages that represent an individual image pixel. No magic, just inkjet.

This team worked two and a half years to plan and five days to film this piece, showing a real dedication and love for paper and inkjet. Or as they say, an obsession.

With that much effort, it’s worth a replay.

Post Project paper collection for recycle and donation

Rest assured all the paper was recycled and proceeds donated to Greenpeace at the end of the 2 years. Now what happened to all those printers and cartridges?

Check out their final video creation.

And I thought I was obsessed with inkjet.

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