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We continue our profiles in quarantine series with intrepid traveler, Pat McGrew. It seems to me that Pat is almost always on the road, but she too is doing her part by staying home and staying safe. Pat is sharing her home time with the fuzzy beneficiaries of Pat being grounded – her dogs.

Where is home?

Home is always where the dogs are, so that would be Aurora, Colorado. I got here after being born in Philadelphia, raised in Lower Bucks County, PA. moving to college in Albuquerque, NM and building a business in Dallas, TX.  I migrated after the house burned down in Texas to build a new life in Colorado.

This is the last staff meeting. I was apparently not being a good co-worker because I was not supplying sufficient treats.

How much do work from home when there’s not a pandemic?

I’m on the road quite a bit, but my office is at home. I’m set up with good Internet, a great work environment, and free commentary from the dogs.

Days at home since March 1?

It shouldn’t have been very many after starting with 7 days out of the country and 2 days in Boston, but then all travel stopped abruptly!

This is the office.

What are you doing to keep spirits up?

Since I am used to working from home, it isn’t really a change. Since there is no travel, I’m actually catching up on the writing I need to get done, making deadlines and hoping to get ahead onto other writing that I want to do!

What are your favorite stories of people/companies helping others during the pandemic?

It has been heartwarming to be a part of groups that are reaching out. Dave Rosendahl has his Movers and Shakers group on LinkedIn which has been very active. Individuals like Stephanie Gaddin in Australia, opening her phone line up to anyone who needs a chat, have been wonderful to hear about. Same with Meqa Smith in Australia. The GirlsWhoPrint team has been meeting, and lots of folks are pinging just to check in. Folks like Petra Diener who is currently stuck in the UK posting videos helps to keep my spirits up. The really wonderful thing about this industry is that anyone will answer the phone if you call and there are a host of people who will be delighted to have a virtual coffee talk!

My mornings start with this view. We look east. I start early

What are your top tips for printing companies in managing through the pandemic?

It is important to keep an eye on two things: make sure you are ok and make sure business is being managed. Those two things will mean something different to each person who reads those words. For me, it means walking with the dogs, throwing a ball, getting up and moving around, and keeping an eye out for pings across all of the channels I use. On the business side, it means being available for advice, answering LinkedIn and Facebook questions, pointing people to resources, and working on building my business. Whatever you do, don’t sit in your PJs watching Netflix all day. Use this time to keep up connections, look for ideas, actually read all of the Inkjet Insight articles… things that will enrich you!

What do you think OEMs can/should do to help their customers?

This is a great time to touch base with every customer to see if there is anything they need. It’s not about selling, it’s about customer care. Maybe there is a part that needs to be expedited. Maybe things are quiet enough to have that strategy conversation. It doesn’t have to be much – just show you have them in mind.

Thanks for sharing, Pat

Sorry I missed you in Boston. Looking forward to your next posts and doing some webinars together.

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