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A Different Kind of Profile – Amy Hahn

By Elizabeth Gooding / Published:

Usually when we talk about profiles here, we’re talking about paper and color profiles. Today, we’re going for a different kind of colorful by profiling the people behind the scenes here at Inkjet Insight and how we are managing through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and being in quarantine. Since we’re all in this together, let’s get to know who we’re in it with, starting with Amy Hahn our editor and social media coordinator who is based in Minnesota, USA.

So, Amy what is this picture about?
This is me and my dog, Margot. I was planning to go to Disney (first-timer) after ISA as a birthday gift to myself, the custom Moana mouse ears were created by a friend. Margot tolerates being held, but she has written several HR complaints about me not respecting personal space.

Days at home since March 1?
Technically all of them since I normally work from home. I have been social distancing since March 13.

What are you doing to keep spirits up?
Drinking spirits…… cooking comfort foods, absolutely crushing my husband in Mario Kart Wii, doing virtual barre classes, avoiding social media, fuzzy slippers, snuggling the dog, taking extra breaks from work to dance to Beyonce. Crying in the shower is actually therapeutic. Ordering take-out and curbside pick up beers from my favorite local places to help keep them afloat while I can.

What are your favorite stories of people/companies helping others during the pandemic?
I love the general sense that we’re all in this together, everyone being kinder and gentler to one another. It’s also been nice to see that the earth has had some time to heal itself with fewer humans out.

What are your top tips for printing companies in managing through the pandemic?
Wash your hands! I am not a business owner, but I have seen a lot of people struggling to adjust to a new working from home lifestyle, so my top tip is more directed to them. “Commute” to work every day, meaning take a walk in the morning before work, and then again in the evening after work. Once you’ve taken your evening “commute” work is done for the day and it’s you/family/dog/wine time.

Thanks for sharing, Amy. We think you make a great Moana and you’re royalty in my book.




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