innovations in inkjet for textiles production

Innovations in Inkjet for Textile Production – Replay

By Elizabeth Gooding / Published:

The textile market has many growth opportunities for inkjet. Data from Smithers indicates that revenue from inkjet for textiles grew by nearly 15% from 2021 to 2022 and is on track for a continued CAGR of over 9% between 2023 and 2028. That growth is important for the entire textile ecosystem from a sustainability perspective as well as a revenue perspective. To continue to grow, inkjet needs to continue to meet new market demands and overcome compatibility and productivity challenges through innovations in ink, printheads and drying/curing.

“Innovations in Inkjet for Textiles” will talk about this demanding market including direct to fabric, film and garment. Our expert presenters from the US and UK will explain market requirements and showcase the latest releases of inks, printheads and complete textile printing solutions. Attendees will learn about:

  • Trends in the textile market driving opportunities for inkjet growth and for mills and designers embracing inkjet production
  • Differences in requirements for segments of the textile market and how they are currently addressed
  • The impact of ink innovation on textile compatibility and purchasing models
  • Press and underlying technology developments driving improved efficiency and sustainability

Our expert presenters have hands-on experience with textile design and inkjet production and enthusiasm to share their knowledge.

Debbie McKeegan is a multi-disciplinary creative and digital print pioneer boasting over two decades of hands-on experience within the Textile manufacturing industry. She is an award winning textile designer, as well as a manufacturer of printed products for fashion and interiors. Debbie offers unique insight that combines creativity with a deep knowledge of traditional manufacturing process and the essential application of disruptive digital technologies. She founded Texintel as an independent online resource alongside an expert advisory practice that seeks to connect and inspire the digital textile print community worldwide including creatives, manufacturers, PSPs, technology and consumables providers, and other print specialists for fashion, décor, and furnishings.

Dr. Terrill Clayton, PhD. Founder and Lead Chemist, Summit Analytical Lab

Terry Clayton helps clients formulate inks, coatings, building materials, and pharmaceutical compositions.  He has developed multiple blockbuster products for companies across several industries. Prior to starting Summit Analytical, Terry was the Director of Ink Development for EFI and Vice President at Chromatic Technologies where he developed a deep understanding of textile printing. He has broad expertise with inkjet, inks and coatings and their application to applications such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and building materials. He has demonstrated success  guiding companies who are navigating from analog to digital manufacturing.

Elizabeth Gooding, Editor and Co-founder Inkjet Insight, Curious Consultant Insight Forums

Elizabeth works with a team of top analysts to create the tools, data and content on She also leads the consulting initiatives of Insight Forums where she has managed design teams on complex transaction and direct mail design projects, selected outsourcers for major brands and consulted with numerous print OEMs and their customers. Previously, she established the first CCM Software-As-Services platform for Art Plus Technology where she was President and CEO. Elizabeth was a founding member of the Inkjet Summit Advisory Board and the co-author of an award-winning book on designing for inkjet. A curious consultant, she constantly seeks innovative ways for printers, marketers and designers to hone their craft and drive new volume and applications onto inkjet presses.



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Elizabeth is the Editor and Co-founder of Inkjet Insight. She has a rare ability to see print related issues from many perspectives. She has managed creative teams on complex design projects, selected outsourcers for major brands and helped print organizations to retool operations, focus their market positioning and educate sales teams to accelerate growth. She works with a team of top analysts to translate experiences into tools, data and content to help print organizations evaluate the potential of inkjet, optimize their operations and grow pages profitably. She is a founding member of the Inkjet Summit advisory board, the co-author of an award-winning book on designing for inkjet and a curious consultant constantly seeking innovative ways to drive new pages onto inkjet presses.

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