KYOCERA NIXKA Inkjet Systems KNIS) Launches GENIX 1200 A new generation of color and monochrome inkjet print engine

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The result of30 years of expertise in industrial inkjet, GENIX 1200 will help customers easily implement digital printing into existing production equipment or newly developed solutions.

Customers will benefit from an exceptional print quality as a new standard has been reached, by combining the best of KNISin term of print engines and last generation of KYOCERA piezo DOD printheads KJ4B EX1200 with recirculation. Depending on the application requests, the quality can be downgraded to increase the speed and optimize the productivity. From the first job until the last one, batch after batch, during print speed transitions, GENIX 1200 offers high stability and consistency of the printed outputs.

KNIS team has designed this new print engine to be easy to integrate, easy to use and easy to maintain. As a result, the compact color Print Box is fixed to the transport system, without complex and expensive movement to manage. GENIX 1200 is equipped with an embedded automatic cleaning station (capping/purging/wiping), requiring no intervention from operator, and all critical parts and components are made accessible for simple and efficient service operations.

This high reliable printing solution targets the industrial market and will answer the need of production processes evolution. With a printing speed up to 200m/mn, GENIX can address a large range of applications and volume printing. It has been designed to print intensively, up-to 24/7, with high up-time availability and reliability. Its smart concept, with the last generation of ink recirculation printheads and embedded system enable to monitor precisely the ink temperature and viscosity.

KNIS is engaged in the environment protection, GENIX 1200 can help reducing the environmental footprint by giving a second life to the existing and amortized systems, with a state-of-the-art inkjet solution upgrade. It also contributes to reducing wastes, as the system will print the exact quantity of the needed product. Finally GENIX 1200 is environmental friendly by using water-based inks (dye, pigments, or hybrids), compatible with a large range of substrates like uncoated, recycled, offset coated paper, cartons, tissue, films, etc.

With a competitive hardware investment and a high productivity, GENIX 1200 brings cost effectiveness to the final product. Customers will also benefit from a controlled ink and energy consumption, optimized service operations and shared maintenance, to reduce its TCO.

A first GENIX 1200 has been successfully installed at beta customer in Europe since November 2022, demonstrating its ability to be easily integrated and used in an industrial environment and in line with finishing equipment.

Paul Morgavi, President of KNIS, to conclude: “GENIX 1200 will help our customers to create value with fixed or variable data printing, short runs, personalization or versioning, in commercial printing, packaging and labelling, photo industry, graphic arts, direct mailing, and many other industrial applications. It is initially a 4-color engine, which can be adapted in single, dual or triple colors, depending on the expectation, and can also be field-upgraded when there is a need for more colors.”

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