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Olá from Expo Revestir with Ceramics and Inkjet in Attendance

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We are happy to see in-person events reappearing around the globe. Last week, the Expo Revestir was held in São Paulo, Brazil. Industrial inkjet expert, Guilherme Poggianelli was there to report on this important exhibition reflecting 20 years of tradition covering the ceramics, porcelain, and tiles industry and its current relationship with inkjet.

Guilherme reports that this segment of the industry has digitized at a fantastic speed. The ceramics market has important players around the world. In Brazil important brands in the digital printing segment include Durst, EFI, KeraJet, and System, among others, who compete for the local market. These printers are responsible for at least eight million square meters of products printed with inkjet technology each month.

Revestir showcased diverse applications such as porcelain tiles for use in various environments from living rooms to bathrooms. In relation to floors, he saw tiles of all types that simulate wooden floors, non-slip, etc. But the most important thing Guilherme commented on is the “dimensions of printed pieces.” He found pieces measuring 1.50 m width  X 2.5 m length. “Can you imagine a ceramic plate of this size going through a single pass printer at high-speed, high-quality print,” he exclaimed. “It’s just fantastic!” Want more to spark your imagination? Check out more pictures Guilherme took at the Expo of 600 through 1200 dpi output.

“The size of the inkjet printed plates are impressive! Is this travertine marble? No, it’s an inkjet printed substrate rendered at 720×720 dpi.”

720 dpi inkjet marble example 1
720 dpi inkjet travertine marble example 2
“Here are pictures of Floral or commercial motifs, which can be applied in gourmet spaces at home, bars, bathrooms, etc. or at the customer’s request. Different formats that best fit your space. These used 600×600 dpi inkjet.”

600 x 600 inkjet floral example 1600 x 600 inkjet floral tile example 2 600 x 600 floral inkjet ceramic example 3

“Is this a marble wall painting? No it’s delivered with a 1200 x1200 dpi inkjet printing solution used for both the piece on the wall and the painting. It’s fantastic !”

1200 dpi porcelain inkjet example 1

“An example of digital relief, which can also be printed in color, use additional effects, add varnish, etc.”
digital relief using inkjet deposition

Special applications can be developed with inkjet such as decorations made with high load deposition of base products in the manufacturing process to create localized relief details.

For context on the importance of this market, the global ceramic tiles market was valued at $343.9 million in 2020, and is projected to reach $633.5 million by 2030, registering a CAGR of 6.3% from 2021 to 2030*. The market is primarily driven by an increase in demand for residential and commercial infrastructure improvements. Furthermore, government measures to assist the tile sector continue to fuel the expansion of the ceramic tile industry.

Top 10 Tiles Companies Worldwide – 2021 **
10. Fragnani Group, Brazil
09. STN, Spain
08. Kajaria Ceramics, India
07. PAMESA, Spain and Brazil
06. Caramelo Fior, Brazil
05. CEDASA Group, Brazil
04. RAK Ceramics PJSC, UAE
03. Grupo Lamosa, Mexico
02. SCG Ceramics, Thailand


Guilherme Poggianelli is a digital printing expert focusing on the industrial market. He has worked with leading inkjet companies such as Kornit, Durst, Konica Minolta and Canon. He has extensive experience in developing high value-added businesses as well as designing large hybrid industrial configurations to meet specific customer needs. We appreciate his enthusiasm for the market and look forward to learning more about the inkjet market in Brazil. Contact Guilherme on LinkedIn

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*Source: Insights on the Ceramic Tiles Global Market to 2030 – Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecasts

**Source: Top Ten Tiles Company – TilesWale

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