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Software drives inkjet performance from the inside out – from the operation of the inkjet device to performance optimization and workflow automation on the shop floor. Inkjet buyers must understand the role that software plays in performance and productivity to ensure that they have the best options configured with their solution and the opportunity to make the business case for software investment.

Speakers: Elizabeth Gooding (Co-founder Inkjet Insight) and Pat McGrew (McGrewGroup)

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  • With v20, we are introducing a new software licensing concept. Going forward, most new users will not receive a hardware dongle anymore. The scope of the license will be managed online, and the user will bind the license to a specific host computer during an activation procedure. It is possible to transfer licenses from one computer to another (i. e. in case of a hardware change) following an online revocation / reactivation procedure. The activation procedure requires an Internet connection. If the host computer cannot be connected to the Internet during the activation procedure, the customer needs to use a dongle-protected version of the software.
  • Dongle-protected versions of the software will be available in exceptional cases, for a handling fee of 100 Euros. We will add “HW” or “SW” to the product codes in order to differentiate both types of licensing.
  • The new Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) is a 64-bit software. This means that v20 requires a 64-bit operating system to be installed on the computer.
  • In addition to the standard Single Host Licenses (SHL) we also offer Multi Host Licenses (MHL) that can be used on different host computers, but only on one computer at a time. MHLs can be expanded with Multi Host Additionals (MHA) so several instances can be run at the same time. Additional system and software requirements apply.
  • The use of v20 in China will be limited to the software-licensed version. Accordingly, Chinese language and driver support will not be available in the hardware-licensed version. NFR dongles will ship without Chinese language and driver support.
  • V20 hardware dongles will support v10 products from build 10.33.8756 upwards.
  • The In-RIP-Trapping Module (TRAPM) has been phased out and is not part of v20 anymore.
  • Some of the features below are not available in every product and in every configuration. They might also depend on the printing system being used.


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Inkjet as a gateway technology

Most people realize that there are differences in tools, techniques, and workflows when comparing color inkjet printing to traditional monochrome printing especially when talking about personalized pieces. What they might not realize is that color inkjet is a “gateway technology”.

Inkjet opens the doors to solving operational inefficiencies, supply chain lag, and marketing effectiveness. It even presents opportunities for linking the physical distribution channels to the digital channels by instantly and automatically creating personalized color pieces triggered by consumer activity on their phone, website, and other digital channels.

When you have your workflow right, Color Inkjet is the key to blending the offline and online worlds. Racami helps you create the kind of turbo charged workflow that supports color Inkjet printing and the path to dynamically switch between printing and digital channels… what many of us are after anyway is good consumer experiences across all the ways that they view our content.

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Optimize your Inkjet Print Production with lights out, hands free Imposition Automation Solution by Ultimate TechnoGraphics. The Award-winning Ultimate Impostrip® Software was designed with speed and automation in mind to efficiently handle high volume of short runs, achieve quick turnaround times, reduce waste of resources, and increase profitability. Take advantage of the power of your inkjet press. Meet delivery requirements at peak time with the fastest imposition solution on the market.

Do like many leading Inkjet printers around the world. Experience the Ultimate Impostrip® difference:

Ultimate Impostrip® is a robust solution that optimizes the use of every sheet of paper.’’ Direct Mail printer using AccurioJet KM-1 Inkjet Press. Watch video testimonial here.

Ultimate Impostrip® allows you to do very efficient imposition, streamlined to the point where it takes less than a minute for a large project.’’ Book printer using Ricoh IP5000 Continuous Feed Inkjet Press. Watch video testimonial here.

We rely on Ultimate Impostrip® for thousands of on demand print jobs every day.’’ Book printer using HP PageWide T240 HD Web Presses. Read full user story here. 

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