Innovation Foundations: Inkjet Paper and Specialty Media

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Inkjet innovations in printheads, ink chemistry, coatings, coverage and drying technology are driving needs for new media. Paper development is one of the significant driving forces in increasing the print quality potential of inkjet systems. In recent years the paper industry has responded to new print technology as well as new market requirements for surface look, feel and performance. Paper can also be the foundation for specialty media solutions that drive response rates, reduce costs and alleviate pressure on finishing equipment.

Speakers: Mary Schilling (Co-founder Inkjet Insight) and Bill Rojack (Paper procurement and distribution consultant)

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Since DRUPA 2020 is cancelled we are happy to make use of this opportunity to introduce our Crown Letsgo 3rd generation for the Publishing, Transactional and Publishing market segment.

With the unique improved surface of our 3rd generation inkjet paper, we offer you the opportunity to print stronger colors or alternatively, improve your Total Cost of Print by reducing ink consumption.

Crown Van Gelder firmly believes in value chain cooperation and enabling our customers to get the most out of high speed inkjet printing. Our goal is, for you to be successful, supported by our team of highly skilled product and color management specialists.

Reduce your Total Cost of Print!

We are currently in the process of preparing for launch of our 3rd generation of Letsgo inkjet papers. We firmly believe in seeing is believing; we can offer a learning curve and quick insight of the actual value for your business.  If you are interested in our new Letsgo product line then please let us know so we can include you in the introduction in the course of this year.

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Evergreen Packaging’s entrance into the Inkjet Market is truly raising the bar for substrate performance.

As a global leader of fiber-based packaging and paper solutions, we are excited to announce a new high-speed production inkjet coated matte grade featuring HP ColorPRO technology.  Printer segments from Book Publishing, Direct Mail, and Commercial Print to Packaging, can be more efficient, saving time and money without the traditional speed-to-quality trade-off.

We are excited to talk about our current line-up, tested as best in class, and where our products are heading in the future.

For more information on TruSpec Inkjet Book please contact our sales team at

Infoseal is the premier supplier of value added specialty paper for inkjet printers.  Running pre-finished specialty papers, whether rolls or sheets, streamlines production through the manufacturing process.

Snap Pak Self Mailers are pre-perfed, pre-glued and do not require inserting into an envelope.  Additional features include Poly Windows, Integrated Cards, Dynamic Die Cuts, Remoist Glue for Business Reply Envelopes.

Tax Forms, Statement, Invoices, Promotional Mail and Transpromo Mail are easily produced with pre-finished self mailer Snap Paks.  College and Universities, Governments, Banks, Healthcare, Retail, Debt Collections all use pressure seal mailers.

Pressure Seal self mailers have all the features for a successful direct mail campaign.  Unique sizes, tactile, interactive with scratch off and perforations and 100% variable images and data.  Response rates are increased with Snap Pak self mailers.

Contact Kate Torpey – Director of Sales for more information about our stock forms and custom designs. or 917.940.6779

Premium Inkjet paper

Navigator Premium Inkjet is a powerful high-tech tool, created specifically for achieving outstanding results. Developed with a special surface treatment and benefiting from the unique properties of Eucalyptus globulus, it is set to guarantee optimal printing performance.

Does it improve printing quality?

When using Navigator Premium Inkjet, you will experience a notable difference in print quality: the special treatment given to the paper enhances its surface chemistry and also improves ink retention and drying speed. This allows better optical densities and higher colour contrast for customised, intense colour, high quality applications such as marketing collateral.

Will the high-speed inkjet equipment’s results be improved?

Every technology requires the right type of paper to optimize its results. Navigator Premium Inkjet was designed to exactly fulfill the demands of high-speed inkjet presses: when compared to papers of the same segment, it guarantees even better print quality.

What about runnability?

Navigator Premium Inkjet is a splice free product, which means that it optimizes the customer’s/ printer’s output. It has a high winding and cutting quality, reducing paper burst and ensuring continuous printing at full speed.


By using Navigator Premium Inkjet, you will be able to produce the work you need, achieving a great look and getting all the attention you desire.

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