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Production Inkjet Tradeshow Shopping Guide Part 2 – Big Rigs

By Elizabeth Gooding / Published:

Large, high-productivity inkjet devices are very expensive for OEMs to ship, install and run at tradeshows and sightings are becoming rare, except at OEMs own events. For the second in our series on Tradeshow shopping, we are focusing on the biggest of the big – in productivity. While you may not see all of these devices “in person” at the shows, we have included OEMs who are exhibiting and bringing a segment of their inkjet portfolio for your tire-kicking pleasure.

To be considered at “maximum productivity” in production inkjet today, a roll-fed device must deliver at least 2,000 US letter images per minute, and there are devices from Canon and Kodak with more than double that productivity level. Unlike the entry-level, USD 1 million or less solutions curated in our last post, the big rigs start at USD 2 million (based on two engines) and upwards.

Productivity, Format
Canon JetStream 5500 Wide Mono & Full Color
5452 IPM canon jetstream 5500
Focused on the ultra-high-volume transaction printing, direct mail personalization and forms markets, the JetStream 5500 is available in both mono and full color variations. It uses aqueous dye ink and 600×480 dpi to deliver business color at high speed.
Canon JetStream 4300 Wide Mono & Full Color
4295 IPM Océ JetStream Wide series
The JetStream 4300 is also focused on transaction printing, mono direct mail and form printing, and uses aqueous dye ink, however the 4300 delivers 600 x 600 dpi at approximately 80% the speed of the 5500.
HP PageWide Web Press T490M HD and M(Mono)
4000 IPM Performance mode
1992 IPM in quality modehp pagewide we press t400m hd
The T490M HD is the most productive of the HP T400 series of printers and is available in mono and full color versions. It uses thermal drop-on-demand print head technology at 1200 x 1200 dpi, aqueous pigment ink and optional bonding agent. The device can be configured for a range of segments including from transaction printing and books to high-color direct marketing, and commercial print. It will print on offset coated stocks with the use of HP priming solution.
Kodak Prosper 6000 series
4364 IPMkodak prosper
There are multiple models of the Prosper 6000 series that have been proven in the market for several years.  Unlike most of the competition, Kodak uses continuous stream inkjet technology rather than drop on demand. Heads jet aqueous pigment CMYK inks with a top resolution of 600 x 900.  Kodak has targeted high-volume book and commercial markets with both mono and color variations of this press.
Ricoh Pro VC 70000
2145 IPMricoh pro vc70000 inkjet
The Pro VC 70000 is Ricoh’s flagship model delivering resolutions up to 1200 x 1200 with 4 gray levels using Ricoh piezo head technology. Note that that the resolution drops to 1200 x 600 or 600 x 600 at higher speed levels. Ricoh’s hybrid solvent and water-based pigment inks combine with advanced paper transport and drying technology to deliver high-color, high-coverage, quality sensitive applications on a wide array of media (up to 250 gsm) including gloss coated stock, without the need for precoating or post coating. The maximum repeatable printing image area of 20″ x 54″ supports poster printing and other signature and large format applications.
Ricoh Pro VC 60000
2145 IPMricoh pro vc60000
The Pro VC 60000 was recently upgraded to run at the same speed as the 70000, but the top resolution is 1200 x 1200 with 4 gray levels. It also uses a different high-density aqueous pigment ink with Ricoh print heads. While the 60000 can also print on offset grades, it does not have quite the same media and coverage reach as the 70000. It handles a range of applications cost-effectively, from transaction print and books to direct mail and commercial applications and uses use a maximum repeatable printing image area of 20″ x 54″ to support poster printing and other large format applications.
Ricoh Pro VC 40000
2145 IPMricoh pro vc40000
The Pro VC 40000 has many similarities to the 60000, including speed, but this model has a maximum resolution of 1200 x 600 and does not print on coated offset stocks.  The 40000 offers separate print head arrays for black and full color with an optional fifth head array for MICR or security inks. While capable of producing an array of applications, it is best suited to transaction printing and transitional/transpromo communications in addition to direct mail. One other difference is price – the 40000 is priced significantly lower than its siblings.
Screen Truepress Jet520ZZ
3,000 IPM
The Jet520ZZ is available in both aqueous pigment and aqueous dye models with top resolution of 720 x 360 dpi and 4 gray levels. This model has efficiency enhancements such as the Equios Color Management System and an intelligent variable data processing RIP focused on high precision printing for transactional and mid-quality commercial applications on uncoated offset and inkjet optimized papers (up to 160 gsm.)
Xerox Trivor 2400 HD
2400 IPMxerox trivor 2400 hd
The Trivor 2400 uses high density aqueous pigment inks and 6 gray levels to make the most of resolution options ranging from 600 x 360 up to 1200×600 dpi. The Trivor will print on offset uncoated stocks and inkjet optimized stocks of up to 250 gsm and includes quality control measures that will slow the press to 1 meter per minute for inspection for on-press inspection during production. Focused on the transaction, direct marketing and book segments, the Trivor is available in both 4 color and mono configurations.

There are a lot of high-speed, high-quality inkjet devices that did not qualify for the maximum productivity list or the “low cost” list for coverage in our shopping series – but stay tuned for more coverage next week.

Meanwhile, detailed information on all production OEMs and their devices is available on the Inkjet Insight Device Finder. As you plan out your tradeshow visits, take a look at the exhibitor list and research devices in advance.

A few of the max productivity models will be on display at Printing United later this month. You can ATTEND PRINTING UNITED FOR FREE as a guest of Inkjet Insight using the VIP code: 6000000T.   If you appreciate the great information and free stuff we provide, please take a moment to register as a free or contributing member of our community.

Don’t miss the opportunity to catch up with Mary Schilling at PRINT 19 this week. Mary will be the host and tour leader for Expanding Opportunities with Inkjet Print19 TechWalks, Friday, October 4th at 11:30 am on the show floor theater.

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