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Inkjet Insight LLC (September 6, 2017) – Inkjet Insight announces the launch of Device Finder, a searchable library of high-speed production inkjet specifications. Device Finder is the latest addition to which provides valuable tools and resources to help companies objectively evaluate the potential of inkjet for their business, optimize their operations and grow their businesses using production inkjet.

Device Finder consolidates specifications from production inkjet device OEMs into a single, searchable database with drill-down and compare features. Device Finder can help to quickly narrow the field of inkjet devices for further evaluation based on specific search criteria such as productivity, ink type, roll or sheet input, and target application segment. Current inkjet users with off-market devices can use Device Finder to compare their current technology to the latest available technology.

“So many new inkjet options are being launched every month,” said Mary Schilling, co-founder of Inkjet Insight. “Device Finder will help buyers to see the full range of options that will meet their needs.”

Screen capture of basic search criteria and application segments for Device Finder

Device Finder includes all commercially available inkjet devices reported to Inkjet Insight by OEMs and sourced from product literature. There is no cost for OEMs to have their equipment included in Device Finder and all OEMS have been invited to review the data collected. Data is continually being reviewed and updated to ensure accuracy and to expand the range of data points collected on each device.

“We appreciate the support of our Charter Sponsors; Canon Solutions America, HP and Ricoh in reviewing our approach to data capture and helping to fund our launch,” said Elizabeth Gooding, co-founder of Inkjet Insight. “We will continue to advocate with all of the OEMS to provide transparency and simplify the process of identifying competitive devices for specific markets.”

While many features of are available with free registration, Device Finder is currently available only to paid Premium members. A print organization can get premium membership for 3 employees for a nominal annual charge of $199 which offers access to all of the valuable Inkjet Insight tools including Paper Finder, Customer Education Tools, RFP Checklists and more. Membership fees help to support ongoing data collection, content development and independent paper testing.

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