KYOCERA NIXKA Inkjet Systems (KNIS) Launches LENIX 1200 A new modular and scalable inkjet “printbar”

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LENIX 1200 sets a new standard in the printing industry. This high-quality inkjet printbar brings a lot of flexibility in term of applications, process and integration.


Integrating the last generation of Kyocera drop on demand piezo electric inkjet printhead, the KJ4B EX 1200, LENIX has a native resolution of 1200x1200dpi with variable drop size from 2 to 4pl. The customer will be able to adapt the resolution to its need in term of quality and productivity by choosing between 1200x1200dpi up to 100m/min or 1200x600dpi up to 200m/min. The print engine is using a fluid recirculation process, but also an automated cleaning and wiping station to maximize the availability rate of the complete production machine. LENIX 1200 can accept a wide range of inks, which could be dye, pigment, or even hybrid, compatible with films or other non-porous substrates without special pre or post coating. In term of workflow, the system comes with proprietary RIP, able to print fixed or variable data. Depending on the applications, the data can be pre ripped or ripped on the fly, but as LENIX 1200 gets an open architecture, it could also be connected to the customer front end.


LENIX 1200 can be declined in several models, classified depending on the printing width needed, and this is where it will revolutionize the market. 3 models exist but it represents 7 versions going from a 216mm to an 866mm printing width. A single printbar can print 1 color, customers can start with a standard monochrome application with 1 print engine before upgrading their installation with additional engines to increase the printing width or to switch to full color. With such a flexibility, LENIX 1200 can easily target the most demanding applications in term of printing width, quality and speed. The LENIX 1200 modularity is an investment protection for industrial companies who would like to use water-based inkjet. This scalable solution can be either used as the core print engine of a new digital printing system or added onto an existing equipment to address variable or fixed data printing.


LENIX 1200 is a water-based inkjet system. It means the solution is not using any UV or solvent component. The eco-friendly criteria have been driving the KNIS team during all the conception phase resulting in an optimized ink and electrical consumption. If you add the reduction in waste and storage requirements due to an inkjet printing system, LENIX 1200 can actively help you to reduce the carbon footprint of your factory.


Considering those premium specifications, the modularity and the eco responsibility of the LENIX 1200 printbar, the market opportunity is huge. Industrial applications were using a lot conventional printing processes for several reasons like speed, quality, substrate compatibility or TCO. This new solution is a game changer for customers who can now have access to water-based inkjet, which brings short runs, versioning or personalization in digital packaging, commercial printing, industrial decoration or even textile printing and dying, without compromises. Jean-Marc PASTUREL, KNIS Global Sales and Marketing Manager, to precise:

“We have installed LENIX 1200 print engines since early 2022 at a beta customer in the packaging market. The solution answers perfectly their need, technically and economically. We have already new projects coming in from different industries, confirming the interest of industrial companies in our solution. LENIX 1200 range of products is commercially available now.”

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