Free White Paper: Quality, Flexibility and Predictability in Graphic Arts Printing

By Inkjet Insight / Published:

One or more digital presses represent the centerpiece technology in virtually any print service provider’s operation. And choosing the right core technology – inkjet or toner – can mean the difference between healthy or anemic profit margins. Not to mention a “satisfactory” or “outstanding” rating from their customers.

Much has been written on inkjet technology, and the same can be said for toner-based presses. But the same cannot be said for comparisons between the two technologies, which is arguably the most fundamental choice to ponder when considering this major purchase.

Although the vast majority of Xeikon presses are toner-based, the company has commissioned Inkjet Insight to draft a decision guide examining the plusses and minuses of each technology. And it draws some interesting conclusions.

Download this free white paper to see how the authors parse the relevant press characteristics for the graphic arts segment into three “buckets:”
·       Media compatibility and performance
·       Print quality; and
·       Productivity

The research document is provided free of charge with sponsorship support from Xeikon. 

Download: Quality, Flexibility and Predictability in Graphic Arts Printing

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