Everyday Voice-of-Customer: How to Capture Insights from Every Customer Interaction

By Inkjet Insight / Published:

Whether you sell print services, printing presses, or support those industries, your sales and service representatives probably make hundreds of calls annually. You can multiply the value of those calls by applying simple, “Everyday VOC” techniques.

When your team members apply this advanced probing and CRM record-keeping approach to customer calls, you’ll reap immediate and ongoing benefits: 1) Their engagement and interest will lead to more sales today, and 2) your CRM maintenance and data mining will lead to more new sales tomorrow.

Dan Adams and Kelly Lawrence provide guidance on how to implement this upgrade in sales and customer service effectiveness in your company.

Key takeaways:

  • Turn your sales force into a learning force, using “outcomes” as the unit of customer insight.
  • Learn AIM Institute’s advanced “What-Why-Clarify” probing methodology.
  • Use your existing CRM—e.g., Saleforce—to uniformly capture customer insights.
  • See how “market scouting” aims your R&D at the right targets at the right time.

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