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Commercial Print and Inkjet – Video

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“Are Commercial Print and Inkjet gonna’ be a Thing?”

That’s the question I asked Marco Boer of I.T. Strategies. Of course he had a few thoughts on the subject starting with some statistics: only 300 of the roughly 25,000 commercial printing establishments in the U.S. have adopted inkjet. That’s just a hair over one percent. Teeny percentage of the market.

You can either look at that as a hard row to hoe, or a big field of opportunity left to plant. Marco makes a great case for why commercial printers in the U.S. need to be looking at digital in general and inkjet in particular to stay relevant and competitive in the very near term. He cites a perfect storm of industry catalysts including a strong US economy, consolidation of print organizations, a tight labor market and favorable tax incentives that are likely to move commercial print organizations to consider the move to inkjet.

In a previous article, Marco provided additional details on economic issues that are having an impact on the commercial printing market with lots of charts and graphs and data to back him up – as if he needs back up.

As always, thanks Marco for being with us here on Inkjet Insight!




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