Replay: Understanding Priming and Post-Coating for Inkjet

By Inkjet Insight / Published:

With severe challenges in getting substrates to print on, it’s never been more important to understand how priming and coatings for inkjet contribute to substrate compatibility, color vitality, print quality, durability, flexibility and cost efficiency. There are many options for the application of these important fluids as well as variations in chemistry to drive performance and compatibility with different inks and substrates.

Some of these options are tackled by OEMs or integrators, in-house or with partners. Other options are available to press owners looking at options to enhance the performance of their press, or the output from the press.

sponsored by Michelman and LubrizolLearn about the:

  • Role of priming or pre-treatment in driving color quality and compatibility
  • Growing list of options for protecting and enhancing inkjet prints with post coatings
  • Key considerations for OEMs in working with partners for priming and coating development
  • Key considerations for printing companies in selecting priming and coating equipment
  • Measurable differences in inkjet print with and without priming and coating


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