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The Value of “Other” for Inkjet – Video

By Inkjet Insight / Published:

We caught up with Marco Boer again and got an answer to a question I’ve been wondering about for a while “What’s in that ‘Other’ category in all of your print volume forecasts?” I’ve been following I.T. Strategies for a long time, and periodically we see a category in their research emerge from “other” as its own inkjet segment with enough volume to warrant research. For example, most commercial print and graphic arts applications were incubating in the ‘other’ category until recently. Today Marco shares some of the other “nichey” applications he is tracking and explains why they matter for inkjet expansion.

We love hearing what Marco has to say about inkjet and market segments. We hope you do to. Here are a few of his other recent contributions to our growing catalog of inkjet knowledge.
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