Katherine Versteegh Discusses Considerations for Acquiring an Inkjet Press – Video

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It took A.B. Data a year to acquire their first production inkjet press. Katherine Versteegh, Senior Vice President, discusses the process they used and lessons learned along the way. She highlights that educating themselves on inkjet technology was their first priority, including technology, paper, workflow, and job files. Once they started meeting with equipment vendors, they had to navigate and normalize the terminology used by each vendor so they could compare apples to apples. She also talks about the build out process and bringing the press online, as well as the benefit to their business now that they are operational.

Inkjet Insight Can Help

For many, acquiring a new inkjet device is a strategic decision that should be carefully considered. We recently published The Strategic Press Decision to help determine your priorities and evaluate technology capabilities. Our Knowledge Base has many articles that can help you understand how equipment manufacturers discuss their technology, as well as how our team helps to normalize the language of production inkjet printing so you can compare apples to apples. We have three finder applications (Device, Software) to help you evaluate equipment, software and substrates. Finally, our consultants are available to guide you through the evaluation process including the ever-important paper testing and print quality analysis.

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