Komori unveils B2 UV Inkjet

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Komori has a new B2 digital press, the J-throne 29, that will be shown off at the upcoming Drupa show in Dusseldorf this May.

For now, the details are fairly rudimentary. The J-throne 29 uses newly-developed UV inks with LED curing. The print resolution is up to 1200 dpi, and it can produce up to 6000 single sided sheets, which halves to 3000 for duplexing. This makes it twice as fast as the Konica Minolta KM-1e B2 press.

It takes sheets up to 585 x 750mm and from 0.06 to 0.6mm in thickness – though it can only duplex on materials up to 0.45mm thick. Komori says that it will print to a “wide range of substrates such as coated and uncoated paper and paperboards without pre-treating”. As such, the press is clearly aimed at both commercial and packaging printing markets.

Komori already sells a B2 digital press, the Impremia IS29s, which it developed together with Konica Minolta, and is Komori’s version of the KM-1. However, my understanding is that Konica Minolta has not been involved in the design of this new J-throne 29, with Komori claiming that the imaging technology incorporates its own proprietary image forming technology.

Komori also sells its own version of Landa’s B1 nanographic inkjet sheetfed press as the NS40.

You can find further details on Komori, but not yet the new press, from komori.com.

Editor’s note: If any new details are available on the J-Throne 29, they will be covered on the Spring Update Webinar on Tuesday April 9

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